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Biography: Ronald D. Fisher


Ronald D. Fisher

Board Director, Corporate Officer, Vice Chairman

Ronald D. Fisher

Date of birth: November 1, 1947

July 1984President, Interactive Systems Corp.
Jan. 1990CEO, Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Oct. 1995Director and President, SoftBank Holdings Inc.(currently Star Bright Holdings Inc.) (to present)
June 1997Board Director, SoftBank Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.)
Jan. 2014Director, Brightstar Global Group Inc.
Aug. 2014Chairman, Brightstar Global Group Inc.
Sept. 2016Director, ARM Holdings plc (currently SVF HOLDCO (UK) LIMITED)
Dec. 2016Director, SB Investment Advisers (US) Inc.
June 2017Board Director, Vice Chairman, SoftBank Group Corp.
Dec. 2017Director and Chairman, SB Investment Advisers (US) Inc. (to present)
Mar. 2018Director, Arm Limited (to present)
Apr. 2020Director, T-Mobile US Inc.
Nov. 2020Board Director, Corporate Officer, Vice Chairman, SoftBank Group Corp. (to present)

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