Message from Chairman & CEO

Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone

Masayoshi Son  SoftBank Group Representative

Today, technology is transforming societies, industries and lifestyles around the world. In addition to PCs and smartphones, all manner of new devices are being born, and they are all connecting to the Internet, which is giving rise to explosive increases in data. With improving microprocessor capabilities to process these vast amounts of data and accelerating communication speeds, I believe it is only a matter of time before the arrival of Singularity, a world of “Super-intelligence” where machines surpass human intelligence. In a world like this, all sectors of society and industry will be redefined, ways of doing business and lifestyles will see foundational change and new business opportunities will be created.

Anticipating this kind of future, at the SoftBank Group, we have always asked ourselves how we can ready our business to contribute to society. One of the answers is the SoftBank Vision Fund. The Fund invests not only in communications infrastructure and services, but in a wide variety of sectors that span robotics, rideshare, self-driving, biomedicine, finance, insurance and agriculture. In a world where all existing societal structures and industry sectors will be connected, these companies possess business models and are building platforms for next-generation infrastructure. With the SoftBank Group's core businesses in semiconductors, communications and Internet services around the world collaborating closely with Fund investees, a number of chemical reactions will take place, enabling us to offer new value. In that sense I believe the SoftBank Group will further drive forward the transformations that are now occurring around the world.

I am sure we will see a further acceleration of transformation and innovation propelled by technological advances. Guided by our corporate philosophy, “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone,” the SoftBank Group will keep taking on bold challenges while always being mindful of how we can contribute to the future.

Masayoshi Son
SoftBank Group Representative