Becoming a Corporate Group
needed most by people around the world

The SoftBank Group's aim to contribute to people's happiness through the Information Revolution, and to become “the corporate group needed most by people around the world.” To achieve its vision, SoftBank will continue to concentrate its operations in the information industry, and advance the Information Revolution with leading technologies essential to the times and superior business models.

The SoftBank Group's aim

A corporate group growing for the next 300 years

To continue to grow as a corporate group for the next 300 years, the SoftBank Group strives to develop over the long-term by forming partnerships with the most superior companies at the time in the information industry, without adhering to particular technologies or business models.

Strategic synergy group

The SoftBank Group aims to expand its Group companies which share the same vision to 5,000 in 30 years through building strategic synergy group which can make self-evolution and self-multiplication.

Successors for the next generation

SoftBank Academia started on July 28, 2010 to discover and train successors for the next generation of the SoftBank Group. Masayoshi Son, as founding principal, directly instructs students who apply from both inside and outside the Group to foster successors.

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Information Revolution

Information Revolution

Information Revolution — what does it mean for us? What does it bring to people and society? And why do we set “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone” as our corporate philosophy?
Progressive advancement of information technology will bring new power that works to comfort people in their sorrow and despair and that makes them happy through being bound up by the tie of sympathy and sharing what they are touched by.
Video expresses our determination towards the Information Revolution.



Masayoshi Son, our Chairman & CEO, used Twitter to ask what the saddest things are in people's lives. The most common answers were death, loneliness and despair. Persons who lose loved ones feel lonely, and despair also causes loneliness. The saddest thing in people's lives may be loneliness.
We want to reduce loneliness and ease the sadness of people as much as possible.
Our corporate philosophy “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone” reflects our thoughts and determination to ensure that no one is left alone and that we can change the world for the better through courage and love.

SoftBank's Next 30-Year Vision

SoftBank announced “SoftBank's Next 30-Year Vision” on June 25, 2010.