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Key Driver of IoT Era

Arm is the world's leading designer of key technologies used in semiconductor computer chips and has the world's most widely deployed advanced technology intellectual property (IP).

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Main Businesses Processor IP and related software and tools, Internet of Things (IoT) platform and solutions
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Arm is best known for designing the processors for the main chip in nearly all smartphones. Arm's advanced, energy-efficient processor designs have enabled intelligent computing in more than 21 billion chips shipped by its partners in FY17. Arm-based products are found in a host of digital electronic devices, from digital TVs to braking systems, smart sensors, and the data centers running the cloud.

Arm is creating long-term growth opportunities by investing in new markets and rapidly advancing IoT technologies through the design and development of the integral platforms, sensors, and subsystems that drive IoT performance.

Future growth markets include always-connected, always-on Windows 10 on Arm notebooks, machine learning processors, 5G and cloud infrastructures and autonomous automotive technologies.

Arm-based chips are already in more than 130 billion devices, and as the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly expands that number is expected to grow to a global network of one trillion connected devices.

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