SoftBank Group Code of Conduct

As a strategic holding company, SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) has revised its code of conduct to further reinforce the entire Group's ethics and compliance structure. The “SoftBank Group Code of Conduct,” which has been upgraded from “SoftBank Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct” established in December 2005, applies to everyone at the Softbank Group — the group's directors, officers and employees in every country, region, business unit and department.

”SoftBank Group Code of Conduct” clearly describes our five commitments, namely, our commitments to integrity and respect; being customer driven; transparency and robustness; diversity, inclusiveness and an engaging environment; and fair business. It also stipulates action statements, which provide direction in conducting business ethically, regarding the five commitments.

SoftBank Group Code of Conduct (PDF: 2.43MB/36 pages)

What are ethics and compliance?

For the SoftBank Group to continue to grow and bring happiness to people around the world for the next 300 years and beyond through the Information Revolution, it is essential that we conduct our business in accordance with not only the law but also the highest ethical standards.

Compliance and integrity must be the foundation for all our business activities. We always ask ourselves “Is this the right thing to do?”, “Am I doing anything to deceive others?” and “Can I hold my head high when talking to my family?”.

Group Compliance Structure

SBG appoints a Group Compliance Officer (GCO) as the chief officer responsible for compliance on a Group-wide basis, and each Group company assigns a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) who has responsibility for compliance at each company.

Reporting channels have been established to facilitate the early discovery, prevention and handling of ethics and compliance risk in business activities. All officers and employees of Group companies have access to this channels to report and consult if they become aware of any misconduct or any possibility of misconduct.

Group Compliance Structure

Efforts to Promote Ethics and Compliance

SoftBank Group companies conduct compliance training at the officer, manager, new recruit and mid-career hire levels, and by department on varying themes.

Efforts to Promote Ethics and Compliance