Efforts to Promote Ethics and Compliance


SoftBank Group companies conduct compliance training at the officer, manager, new recruit and mid-career hire levels, and by department on varying themes. As an initiative to foster Group-wide compliance awareness, we hold training sessions for the Group company officers and Compliance Awareness Month for officers and employees annually.

Training sessions for Group company officers

Providing an opportunity for officers to reaffirm their compliance responsibilities, the Group company officer training sessions are led by external lawyers in a group discussion format that uses case studies.

Compliance Awareness Month

Compliance Awareness Month website

Compliance Awareness Month is held annually for all Group company officers and employees to raise compliance awareness. Throughout the month, in addition to e-learning lectures based on relevant case studies, recipients can test their knowledge and understanding of compliance matters through a “Compliance Test” on the intranet. Every year many Group company officers and employees participate in the program.

Compliance manual

Compliance Manual

The Compliance manual is distributed to Group officers and employees, and also posted on the intranet, as a code of conduct for their daily work. The manual explains the purpose of the SoftBank Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct, providing specific examples of important points in a Q&A format.