Group Compliance Structure

Group compliance structure

The SoftBank Group appoints a Group Compliance Officer (GCO) who has responsibility for compliance on a Group-wide basis, and each Group company has a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) who has responsibility for compliance at each company. Concentrating the authorities makes it possible to address compliance issues quickly and with flexibility. The GCO and CCOs plan and execute the necessary initiatives for the establishment and strengthening of the compliance structure to engage in corporate activities that adhere to high social ethics, in cooperation with compliance chiefs who undertake monitoring and education of each department in day-to-day operations.

The GCO and CCOs regularly share information at the Group Compliance Liaison Meeting (CCO Meeting), and also cooperate as appropriate to promote the establishment of a system that raises compliance awareness in all officers and employees and enables the identification and resolution of compliance-related issues.

Hotline (Internal Reporting System)

A Hotline has been established to facilitate the early discovery, prevention and handling of compliance risk in business activities. All officers and employees of Group companies have access to this Hotline to report and consult if they become aware of any violation of compliance or any possibility of violation. Persons using the Hotline are protected, and actions with regard to any reported compliance issues are taken as appropriate upon investigation of each issue.

Access is available to several hotlines. In addition to hotlines at each Group company, a Group Hotline has been established as a channel for reports and issues arising from all Group officers and employees. The Group Hotline has two contact points, with one staffed by internal compliance department personnel, and the other staffed by external lawyers. Consultation may be made directly through face-to-face meetings, or by telephone, email or post, and reports can be made anonymously. For officers and employees in overseas subsidiaries, we also accept inquiries in English and Korean.

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    The external contact point may not be available at all companies.