SoftBank Group Information Security Policy

The SoftBank Group has formulated the following SoftBank Group Information Security Policy according to which it shall address information security throughout the Group, and thereby earn the trust of society.

  1. The SoftBank Group shall comply with laws, ordinances, national guidelines and regulations regarding information security.

  2. The SoftBank Group shall clarify its responsibilities for information security and establish a system to implement necessary measures.

  3. The SoftBank Group shall identify information security risks and implement appropriate measures concerning organizational, physical, personnel and technical matters.

  4. The SoftBank Group shall in the course of its operations educate its employees to raise awareness about information security and ensure full information security literacy.

  5. The SoftBank Group shall monitor its information security control system and related efforts, and continue review and improvement.

Revisions to the SoftBank Group Information Security Policy will be posted on this website.

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