Group Companies

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    Major consolidated subsidiaries and associates are listed.
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    Please refer to the "Details of Major Subsidiaries and Associates" below for each company's Listed market, Fiscal Year-end, Capital and Voting Rights.
    Details of Major Subsidiaries and Associates (PDF)

SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund Segment

SoftBank Vision Fund L.P.

Investment activities by SoftBank Vision Fund

SB Delta Fund (Jersey) L.P.

Investment activities by Delta Fund

SB Investment Advisers (UK) Limited

Management company of SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund

SoftBank Segment

SoftBank Corp.

Provision of mobile communications services; sale of mobile devices; provision of broadband; other fixed-line communications services in Japan

SB C&S Corp.

Manufacture, distribution, and sale of ICT-related products and ICT-related services

SB Payment Service Corp.

Settlement services; card services and related services

SB Technology Corp.

Business IT and Corporate IT solutions, based on cloud, security and IoT solutions

ITmedia Inc.

Operation of comprehensive IT information site ITmedia, etc.

Vector Inc.

Operation, sale, and marketing of online games; software downloads; advertising

Wireless City Planning Inc.

Planning and provision of mobile broadband services

Scigineer Inc.

Provision of Internet marketing support services using the personalized engine deqwas for e-commerce business operators and retailers

Geniee, Inc.

Advertising technology business

Z Holdings Corporation

Holding company

Yahoo Japan Corporation

Internet advertising; e-commerce business; membership services

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

Affiliate advertising marketing service; StoreMatch online advertising distribution service

The Japan Net Bank, Limited

Banking business

ASKUL Corporation

Mail-order sale of stationery and services

eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., Ltd.

E-book distribution

Sprint Segment

Sprint Corporation

Holding company

Sprint Communications, Inc.

Provision of mobile communications services in the U.S.; sale and lease of mobile devices and sale of accessories in the U.S.; provision of fixed-line telecommunications services in the U.S

Arm Segment

Arm Limited

Design of microprocessor intellectual property and related technology; sale of software tools and provision of software services

Arm PIPD Holdings One, LLC

Holding company

Arm PIPD Holdings Two, LLC

Holding company

Brightstar Segment

Brightstar Global Group Inc.

Holding company

Brightstar Corp.

Distribution of mobile devices overseas


SoftBank Group Capital Limited

Holding company

SoftBank Group Japan Corporation

Holding company

SB Group US, Inc.

Holding company

Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS Corp.

Ownership of professional baseball team; operation of baseball games; management and maintenance of baseball stadium and other sports facilities; distribution of video, voice, and data content via media

SB Energy Corp.

Generation of electricity from renewable energy sources; supply and sale of electricity

SoftBank Ventures Asia Corp.

SoftBank Korea Corp.

SB Pan Pacific Corporation

Holding company


Holding company


Holding company

Hayate Corporation

Holding company

West Raptor Holdings, LLC

Holding company

PayPay Corporation

Smartphone payment business

Starburst I, Inc.

Holding company

Fortress Investment Group LLC

Alternative investment management business

Skywalk Finance GK

Holding company

SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.

Holding company

InMobi Pte. Ltd.

Mobile advertising services

Renren Inc.

Investor company of a company operating SNS Website in China

Foxconn Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Holding company

Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Investor company of companies operating e-commerce business; cloud computing; digital media and entertainment


Holding company