Results by Segments

The Company's reportable segments are the components of its business activities for which decisions on resource allocation and assessment of performance are made. Previously, the Company had six reportable segments: Domestic Telecommunications, Sprint, Yahoo Japan, Distribution, Arm, and SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund. In accordance with changes in the Company's organization based on its unique organizational strategy, Cluster of No.1 Strategy, the Company has revised its segment classifications for management purposes since the first quarter, comprising six reportable segments: SoftBank, Sprint, Yahoo Japan, Arm, SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund, and Brightstar. SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. (previously classified under the Distribution segment) has been added to the former Domestic Telecommunications segment to establish the SoftBank segment. As a result of the change in classification of SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp., the former Distribution segment has become the Brightstar segment.

The main businesses and core companies of each reportable segment are as follows.

Segments Main Businesses Core Companies
Reportable Segments SoftBank
  • Provision of mobile communications services, sale of mobile devices, provision of broadband and other fixed-line communications services in Japan
  • Sale of PC software, peripherals, and mobile device accessories in Japan
  • Provision of mobile communications services in the U.S.
  • Sale and lease of mobile devices and sale of accessories in the U.S.
  • Provision of fixed-line telecommunications services in the U.S.
Yahoo Japan
  • Internet advertising
  • e-commerce business
  • Membership services
  • Design of microprocessor intellectual property and related technology
  • Sale of software tools
SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund
  • Investment activities by SoftBank Vision Fund
  • Investment activities by Delta Fund
  • Distribution of mobile devices overseas
  • Alternative investment management business
  • Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS related businesses
  • *

    Income and adjusted EBITDA of reportable segments are calculated as follows:

    • Segments excluding the SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund segment

      Segment income = net sales − operating expenses (cost of sales + selling, general and administrative expenses) ± other operating income and loss, for each segment
      Adjusted EBITDA = segment income (loss) + depreciation and amortization ± other adjustments

    • SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund segment

      Segment income = gain and loss on investments at SoftBank Vision Fund + gain and loss on investments at Delta Fund – operating expenses
      Adjusted EBITDA = segment income (loss) + depreciation and amortization ± unrealized gain and loss on valuation of investments