Arm Segment

Definitions of Principal Operational Data

Classic processors
Arm's older products including the ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 families of processor designs.
Arm's Cortex family comprise Arm's latest processor cores. The family is split into three series:
A-series: Targeting applications processors running complex operating systems
R-series: Targeting real-time deeply embedded markets
M-series: Addressing the needs of the low cost microcontroller markets
The Mali family of multimedia processors deliver high-quality multimedia images without compromising performance, power consumption or system cost. Arm develops industry-leading IP for 3D graphics, video processor and imaging technology that provides customers with an integrated multimedia platform, which can be embedded in their chip, and is becoming increasingly important in devices such as mobile computers, portable media players and digital TVs.
Royalty units
Arm technology-based chip manufactured and/or shipped by licensees.
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    Arm's royalty unit shipments are aligned with the quarters when the chips were shipped.
The numbers of employees at Arm
Include temporary employees.
Technical employees
Employees who work on the research, creation, maintenance, deployment and support of technology products and services of Arm.
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