Sprint Segment

Definitions and Calculation Methods of Principal Operational Data


Smartphones and feature phones
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    Cumulative subscribers and net additions include the number of communication module service subscribers.
Average Billings Per User per month
(telecom revenue + equipment billings) / number of active subscribers (rounded to the nearest $.01)
Equipment billings
The sum of lease fees under the leasing program and installment billings under the installment billing program.
Average Revenue Per User per month
telecom revenue / number of active subscribers (rounded to the nearest $.01)
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    ABPU/ARPU for postpaid phones are calculated by dividing the relevant telecom revenue and equipment billings by its number of active subscribers.

Churn rate

Churn rate
Average monthly churn rate
number of deactivations / number of active subscribers (rounded to the nearest 0.01%)
The total number of subscribers that churned during the relevant period. The number of deactivations excludes the number of subscribers who switch between prepaid and postpaid. It also excludes newly acquired customers who leaves shortly after activation.
Number of active subscribers
The total of the monthly numbers of active subscribers for the relevant period
(subscribers at the beginning of the month + subscribers at the end of the month) / 2
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