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    Information on this page is as of the end of July 2018.

Investment Strategy : “Building a Unique Network of Portfolio Companies to Unlock Future Opportunities” Rajeev Misra

The SoftBank Group has always believed that technology is the single most important catalyst to create a better world. It has the unique capacity to profoundly improve our quality of life. For more than 30 years, the SoftBank Group has been at the forefront of supporting emerging technologies, and this support is the bedrock on which SoftBank Vision Fund has been built.

Today, the fund is a strategic investor in the technologies and businesses that we believe will enable the next stage of the Information Revolution. In working with our strategic investment partners, we are collaborating with innovators to build some of the world's most exciting companies.

When we invest, we look for dynamic business leaders who share our ambitious vision of the future. In harnessing the latest innovations, these leaders and their companies have the potential to scale to become the global winners of tomorrow. Our role is to provide the operational expertise, global network, and patient capital required to enable entrepreneurs to take a long-term perspective to reach their goals. This frees founders to continue to invest in what they see as the most exciting growth opportunities to build companies on an international scale. The fund also has an important symbiotic relationship with both the investment community as a provider of liquidity and with the public markets as a builder of tomorrow's global businesses. There are few organizations with the vision and resources to back difficult and ambitious global projects and complete complex transactions that may appear impossible.

Over the last year, the fund invested in approximately 30 companies across a number of different sectors that are using technology to shape the future. From supporting companies tackling some of the world's most challenging infectious diseases to companies redefining financial services and consumer-focused technology, the fund is successfully putting its investment strategy into operation.

Examples of SoftBank Vision Fund's investees

Examples of SoftBank Vision Fund's investees

As important as capital is, the fund enables something even more powerful. We are building a unique network of portfolio companies that will collaborate and learn from each other to unlock future opportunities that will benefit society more broadly. In striving to deliver higher-quality products and services at lower cost and in creating greater choice, our portfolio companies will play a key role in empowering consumers globally.

We have gathered significant momentum in the past year both in the number of companies invested in and capital deployed. The fund resets conventional expectations among founders and through the SoftBank Group's investment in the fund, the SoftBank Group has been part of some of the world's most high-profile transactions. But in our view, the future will be even more exciting. Over its lifetime, the fund expects to have invested across 50–80 world-leading businesses. We aim to create the largest ecosystem of transformative technology companies globally.

To achieve this, we must continue to learn from the world around us. Our investment teams meet dozens of entrepreneurs every week and across every continent to uncover the most compelling opportunities. We are part of a wider ecosystem of funds, investors, entrepreneurs, engineers, think tanks, and academics who have different levels of expertise and experience that we can learn from and invest in.

We are on an exciting journey and the fund itself will continue to evolve. Technology is transforming how we live and we are committed to supporting the technologies and businesses that will drive positive change and help solve some of the biggest challenges that lie ahead.

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