Press Releases 2000


Nov. 20, 2000

Tokyo, Japan, November 20, 2000-SOFTBANK CORP. today announced the following forecasts for its consolidated results for the fiscal 2001 first half, ended September 30, 2000.

Interim Consolidated Results Forecast

For the six months ended September 30, 2000

Millions of yen
  Revenues Ordinary income Net income
Fiscal 2001 interim forecast 180,000 1,000 36,000
Fiscal 2000 interim results 201,579 -11,298 -3,517

As indicated above, SOFTBANK expects to record a 21.6 billion yen decline in consolidated revenues during the period, to 180 billion yen. This is primarily attributable to the sale of U.S. subsidiary Ziff-Davis Inc.’s publishing business in the first half of fiscal 2001, and a change in the accounting classification of subsidiary UTStarcom, Inc., from consolidation to the equity method, following the company’s initial public offering. Consolidated ordinary income for the half is expected to be 1 billion yen as the impact of start-up costs for new businesses of consolidated subsidiaries and the amortization of goodwill of affiliates accounted for by the equity method offset improved profitability, owing to the divestiture of ZDTV and other businesses, and exchange gains. Gains on the sale of investment securities and gains on sales of stock by investees are expected to contribute to net income of 36 billion yen.

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