Press Releases 2002

About Setting of Limitation to Acquisition of Treasury Stocks

May 21, 2002

SOFTBANK CORP. announces that the board of directors on May 21, 2002 decided to submit the following suggestion about the setting of limitation to acquisition of treasury stocks in compliance with Article 210. of the commercial law to the 22nd regular general meeting to be held on June 21, 2002 (Friday).

1. Reason for setting limitation to treasury stocks acquisition

To allow a more flexible and active effect of capital strategies to meet with changes in the economic environment etc.

2. Description of treasury stocks acquisition

(1) Type and number of the stocks

common stocks of SOFTBANK CORP. up to 30,000,000 stocks(Upper limit)
(equivalent to 8.9% of total number of stocks issued)

(2) Total acquisition cost of the stocks

up to 60 billion yen(Upper limit)

  • *The above conditions will not be effective until the bill “about acquisition of treasury stocks” is approved by the 22nd regular general meeting to be held on June 21, 2002.

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