Press Releases 2002

“Yahoo! BB” Comprehensive Broadband Service Progress Report: Yahoo! BB ADSL Users Exceed 1.5 million; BB Phone Users Exceed 1 Million

Dec. 5, 2002

SOFTBANK CORP. announces that the number of “Yahoo! BB” ADSL lines installed broke the 1.5 million (approx.1.504 million) mark on December 5, 2002. We are also pleased to announce that the number of BB Phone (VoIP service) users exceeded one million in November 2002.

“Yahoo! BB”, comprehensive broadband service, has attracted a loyal customer base due to its line-up of high quality, high performance services at low price.

The SOFTBANK Group wishes to make a social contribution by providing innovative broadband telecommunications infrastructure and services such as “Yahoo! BB” and “BB Phone” that enrich the means of human communication in the years to come.

SOFTBANK CORP. reports the progress of “Yahoo! BB” services as of the end of November 2002 as follows

  End of November 2002 Monthly increase
Number of Yahoo! BB lines installed*1 Approx. 1,461,000 Approx. 252,000
Number of BB phone users*2 Approx. 1,028,000 Approx. 255,000
Number of central offices ready for service 1,822 273
  • *1The number of Yahoo! BB lines installed includes approx. 14,000 lines serviced by Metallic Communications Group companies.
  • *2The number of BB phone users is based on those users whose registration is completed for BB phone service.

“Yahoo! BB” comprehensive broadband service is jointly provided by wholly owned subsidiary, BB Technologies Corporation (Headquarter: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masayoshi Son) and Yahoo Japan Corporation (Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masahiro Inoue; Security Code: 4689).

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