Press Releases 2004

SOFTBANK BB Establishes Technical Advisory Board

Mar. 18, 2004

SOFTBANK BB Corp. has issued a press release on the attempted extortionusing “Yahoo! BB” customer information. Details are provided below.

SOFTBANK BB Corp. established today a Technical Advisory Board to prevent the reoccurrence of the recent case of attempted extortion using “Yahoo! BB” customer information and to further strengthen the company’s security management system.

The Technical Advisory Board consists of experts in computer networks and Internet security technology and will offer advice, evaluations, and proposals from an objective perspective regarding SOFTBANK BB’s technology, computer systems, networks, security, and other aspects. SOFTBANK BB will incorporate such advice in improving its personal information management system and security management system and in maintaining quality.

The Privacy Management Advisory Board, established on March 3, 2004, will provide proposals on the broad framework for personal information management and on the overall management system. The Technical Advisory Board will provide advice on the technical aspects of personal information management.

Meetings of these boards will enable SOFTBANK BB Corp. to seek the opinions of outside experts in order to further strengthen its personal information management system and security management system.

1. Activities

  • Recommendations for the improvement of computer system, network, and security management systems

  • Monitoring of the progress of improvement programs

  • Checking and monitoring of the operation of security management

  • Providing information on social conditions and the latest trends in security management

2. Members

  • Professor Jun Murai, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University

  • Professor Ryoichi Sasaki, Department of Information Systems and Multimedia Design, School of Engineering, Tokyo Denki University

3. Meetings

The Technical Advisory Board will meet regularly and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors.

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