Press Releases 2006

Dismissal of petition for provisional disposition order

Aug. 25, 2006

This is to inform that the Tokyo District Court has dismissed today the petition for provisional disposition order which was filed against SOFTBANK CORP. (“SOFTBANK”) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, JAPAN TELECOM CO., LTD. (“JAPAN TELECOM”), by HEISEI DENDEN CO., LTD. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenji Sato, “Creditor”) on November 29, 2004. Details are as follows:

1. Court and date of the petition for provisional disposition order filed and dismissed

Tokyo District Court Case(yo) No. 22138 (2004)
Petition for provisional disposition order November 29, 2004
Dismissal of the petition for provisional disposition order August 25, 2006

2. Name, address and representative’s name of Creditor who filed the petition for provisional disposition order

(1) Name Trustee in bankruptcy of HEISEI DENDEN CO., LTD.
(2) Address 13th floor, ACROS Fukuoka, 1-1-1, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
(3) Representative’s name Gen-itsu Kono

3. Details of the petition for provisional disposition order

Please refer to Press Release of SOFTBANK dated December 21, 2004.

4. Future prospects

Judgment in favor of SOFTBANK and JAPAN TELECOM was given by the Tokyo District Court on March 30, 2006 in relation to principal action filed by Creditor on the same day with the relevant petition for provisional disposition order, which became final and binding. A series of disputes with Creditor, therefore, have been concluded through this dismissal of the petition for provisional disposition order.

This judicial decision has no impact on the financial results of SOFTBANK (both on stand-alone and consolidated basis).

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