Press Releases 2007

Addition to benefit program for shareholders

May 23, 2007

The Company announces that its Board of Directors has approved on addition to the benefit program for shareholders as described below at the meeting of the Board of Directors held on 23 May 2007.

The Company implements ‘Preferential treatment of SOFTBANK MOBILE service to shareholders’ in addition to the present ‘Preferential treatment of Yahoo! BB service to shareholders’ for shareholders and beneficial shareholders (hereinafter ‘shareholders’) as of 31 March 2007.

1. Eligible for preferential treatment

  • (1) Those who newly sign up for SOFTBANK MOBILE service among shareholders holding 100 shares and over as of 31 March and as of 30 September every year*
  • (2) Shareholders holding 100 shares and over already on SOFTBANK MOBILE service (hereinafter ‘referrers’) and their referrals* (hereinafter ‘referrals’) when the relevant referrals newly subscribe to SOFTBANK MOBILE*
  • *Limited to those who purchase a mobile phone at a price for New Super Bonus.

2. Description

Cashback to the following with postal money order.

(1) New subscribers* 10,000 yen cashback (limited to one subscription)
(2) Referrers/referrals* 5,000 yen cashback to referrers and referrals respectively (up to 3 subscriptions)
  • *Excepting corporate subscribers

3. Timing of implementation

‘Preferential treatment of SOFTBANK MOBILE service to shareholders’ is to start with shareholders as of 31 March 2007, the preferential treatment coupon will be sent to the shareholders by mail during the last half of June 2007.

  • *In case of any changes to the above a separate announcement will be issued. Please refer to the preferential treatment coupon, to be sent during the last half of June 2007, for more details.


Regarding the present benefit program for shareholders

Preferential treatment of Yahoo! BB service to shareholders

1. Eligible for preferential treatment

Among shareholders who use ‘line service’ stated below and any of ‘optional services.’

2. Description

Line Service
(Services for preferential treatment)
Optional Service*1 Description Amount of money
(Yen:incl. tax)
Yahoo! BB ADSL
(Standard type/No- telephone line subscription right type/ Otoku Line type*2)
50M Revo
  • Wireless LAN Pack
  • Double Wireless Pack
  • BBTV Basic Channel Pack
Discount the equivalent amount of ADSL service fee 1,564
50M 1,564
26M 1,459
12M 1,249
8M 1,039
Yahoo! BB Hikari TV package House Discount the equivalent amount of ISP service fee 1,354
Apartment 1,354
  • *1Available optional services vary depending on type of line service.
  • *2‘Yahoo! BB ADSL Otoku Line type’ does not provide ‘Yahoo! BB 50M Revo.’

Period applicable for preferential treatment

Shareholders with 100 shares to less than 1,000 shares discount for one month semiannually
Shareholders with 1,000 shares and over discount for three months semiannually
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