Press Releases 2018

Completion of Release of Guarantee of Yen-denominated Unsecured Straight Corporate Bonds and Other Loans in Connection with Approval of Listing of SoftBank Corp. Shares

November 19, 2018
SoftBank Group Corp.

SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) announces that the release of the guarantees provided by SoftBank Corp. of certain yen-denominated unsecured straight corporate bonds has become effective today, following the approval by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. of the listing of SoftBank Corp. shares. This is in line with the prior announcement “Announcement on Release of Guarantee of Senior Loan and Yen-denominated Unsecured Straight Corporate Bonds in Connection with Approval of Listing of SoftBank Corp. Shares” dated November 12, 2018.
In addition, guarantees of certain of SBG's other loans have also been released today. As a result, all of SBG's liabilities, except for its foreign currency-denominated unsecured notes, have become unguaranteed.

The guarantee release became effective with respect to the below series of yen-denominated unsecured straight corporate bonds that are outstanding as of today. No guarantee is provided to the 53rd and 54th Unsecured Straight Bond.

There will be no administrative procedures required for the holders of the applicable bonds along with this release of the guarantee.

Description of bonds Maturity Date Interest rate Outstanding principal amount
44th Unsecured Straight Bond November 27, 2020 1.689% JPY 50bn
45th Unsecured Straight Bond May 30, 2019 1.45% JPY 300bn
46th Unsecured Straight Bond September 12, 2019 1.26% JPY 400bn
47th Unsecured Straight Bond June 18, 2020 1.36% JPY 100bn
48th Unsecured Straight Bond December 9, 2022 2.13% JPY 370bn
49th Unsecured Straight Bond April 20, 2023 1.940% JPY 20bn
50th Unsecured Straight Bond April 20, 2026 2.480% JPY 30bn
51st Unsecured Straight Bond March 15, 2024 2.03% JPY 400bn
52nd Unsecured Straight Bond March 8, 2024 2.030% JPY 50bn
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