Accessibility Policy


Accessibility is the degree to which all visitors to a website can access the information they need, accurately and easily. SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) believes that accessibility is assured when the website is accessible by people in a range of environments. This includes providing accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities, and encompasses features such as making all functionality available from a keyboard and enabling audio control.


As an Internet company, SBG's goal is to provide the technologies and services that are needed most by people around the world, as expressed in its corporate philosophy, Information Revolution – Happiness for Everyone. As part of that goal, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide a website that can be accessed optimally by a range of users, including seniors and people with disabilities. This accessibility policy sets out the objectives and standard of accessibility related to the planning, design, production, testing, maintenance, and operation of the website.


Content scope

This policy affects all content on


SBG will plan, design, produce, verify, maintain, and operate the website with the Accessibly Policy as a guide.

Planning and design

Planning and design of website content is undertaken with the Accessibly Policy as a guide. Please refer to Policy Details for information on accessibility standards.


Website content is produced with the Accessibly Policy as a guide. Please refer to Policy Details for information on accessibility standards.


New website content will be tested to confirm that it meets the standards of the Accessibility Policy. Only content that meets policy standards will be published on the website.

Testing is conducted in the following environments.

Platform OS Browser
PC Windows 7, 8 and later
Mac OS 10.10 and later
Internet Explorer 11
Firefox (latest version)
Google Chrome (latest version)
Safari 10 and later
Android™ Android 4.2 and later Google Mobile Chrome
iOS iOS 8 and later Mobile Safari
Google Mobile Chrome
  • *
    Compatibility with the latest versions of each OS and browser will be tested on a sequential basis. Testing will also be carried out by visual inspection.

This website relies on the following software and web standards. The Accessibility Policy standards might not be satisfied in an environment where these are not supported.

  • HTML 5.0
  • CSS 3.0
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe® Flash®
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Excel

Maintenance and operation

In maintaining and operating this website, SBG will endeavor to preserve and improve accessibility. Any changes to content will be tested to ensure they meet accessibility standards.
In the event that content which was produced before the establishment of the policy fails to meet accessibility standards, that content will be modified and updated on a sequential basis.


This website is targeting conformance level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

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