Wanted: a Successor! Apply now for the SoftBank Academia program starting April 2019

We are no longer accepting applications
for the SoftBank Academia program for 2019.
Thank you for your interest and applications.

SoftBank Academia was founded on July 28, 2010 to identify and foster potential successors of the SoftBank Group. At SoftBank Academia, we look for applicants both inside and outside the SoftBank Group who have the aspiration and qualities to be a future successor.

We are looking for people who: Aspire to be successor of Softbank Group / Eager to be future leaders of being in charge of  the Cluster of No.1 AI Strategy / Aim high to realize the Information Revolution's potential / Possess the charisma to attract various people / Have experience and accomplishments to be proud of


Admission Process

Admission Process



Objective Identify and foster a successor to SoftBank Group Representative Masayoshi Son
Venue SoftBank Group Corp.
(Tokyo Shiodome Bldg. 1-9-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Class day Wednesday (starting at 6:00pm), Number of classes:once or twice in two-three monthes
Curriculum (as of 2017) Presentation program with subjects based on business challenge of SoftBank Group, management simulation games, self-motivating study sessions conducted by Academia students.
Tuition free (students pay their own travel expenses)


Message from Director

With firm resolven and the aspiration to make people happy through the Information Revolution

We are seeking highly motivated and qualified leaders.

Come and join us at SoftBank Academia if you aspire to be a global leader and eager to learn top management leadership skills.

Fumihiro Aono
Director, SoftBank Academia Secretariat

Expecting the time when information revolution comes, until now the SoftBank Group has evolved through its acquisition of the U.S.-based telecom operator Sprint and the UK semiconductor giant Arm as well as the establishment of the JPY 10 trillion SoftBank Vision Fund, the declaration of founding MONET Technologies and setting up some joint ventures, such as WeWork Japan, PayPay Corporation, and so forth.

As we reach the 10th anniversary after the founding of SoftBank Academia, we vow to further evolve by identifying and fostering not only Masayoshi Son's successor, but also the leaders of the Cluster of No.1 AI Strategy who will carry out the AI strategy that our principle, Masayoshi Son, developed in order to enable the SoftBank Group to keep growing over the next 300 hundred years.

In the midst of turbulent times when all industries are redefined by AI, the presence of highly-motivated and qualified leaders with lofty ambitions are indispensable like Ryoma Sakamoto who lived in the twilight years of shogunate rule.

We eagerly await applicants from those who believe they are indeed what we are looking for.

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