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Going global together

To build a stronger and expanded global business, SoftBank Group Corp. utilizes the scale and extensive international network of BrightstarCorp., which has a local presence in 40 countries on six continents and offers services across 70 countries. Together, they aim to be the No.1 mobile services provider in the wireless industry.

Basic information

Main Businesses
Distribution of mobile devices overseas
Core Companies

Brightstar Corp.


Brightstar Corp.





Brightstar Corp. is the world’s leading mobile services company for managing devices and accessories. Brightstar's purpose is to simplify the wireless world, making mobile technology accessible to everyone. The company works with the carrier, retail and enterprise customers across 70 countries, touching every stage of a device’s lifecycle, from when it's manufactured to the moment it’s time to trade it in and re-market it. Brightstar’s core services include the following:

  • Brightstar Logic—Intelligent supply chains

  • Brightstar Flex—Fast-track flexible finance

  • Brightstar Halo—Keeping devices protected

  • Brightstar Echo—Creating value in remarketing

  • Brightstar Gear—Accessories to innovation

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