HR Message

We are looking for new team members who can continuously take on challenges
and contribute to the future.
Our three keywords are “smart,” “professionalism,” and “relationships.”

Vacant position listings (Japanese)

Initiate Change,
Embrace Change

SoftBank Group Corp. was founded in 1981 as a distributor of software for personal computers. In 1996, we established Yahoo Japan Corporation through a joint venture with the US-based Yahoo Inc. In 1999, we converted into a pure holding company and in 2006, we acquired Vodafone Japan and entered the mobile communications market. Since then we have continued to make great changes, including acquiring US-based Sprint Nextel Corporation (now Sprint Corporation) in 2013 and UK-based ARM Holdings plc (now Arm Limited) in 2016, and establishing the SoftBank Vision Fund in 2017 as a private placement fund for making investments in the technology sector on a global scale. We always look to face the new era and initiate change ourselves, and we are seeking partners who are in sync with our corporate principle and can embrace these changes.

Professionals Wanted

The SoftBank Group aims to realize sustainable growth by partnering with the No.1 companies in each sector. Therefore, we require each and every employee to be a professional who is committed to pursuing this goal. No matter what the position or type of work may be, we believe it is essential that our employees possess the capacity to think logically and tackle unprecedented challenges using numbers and reasoning, a high-level of expertise in relevant fields, and the communication skills required to do business with the world’s best companies.

Create the Next Era

Humanity has experienced three major revolutions – the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, and the information revolution. Of these, we anticipate the information revolution will continue to gather pace going forward and bring about the biggest changes in human history. Since our founding, the SoftBank Group has consistently strived to contribute to humanity and society through the information revolution. The purpose of each and every one of our undertakings is to enhance society and create the next era. We work with a great sense of purpose and SoftBank employees are always aiming for new heights. By creating opportunities for our employees to take on a variety of challenges, the SoftBank Group continues to grow together with everyone.

Recruitment InformationInformation about the recruitment process at the SoftBank Group,
including current vacant positions and frequently asked questions.


A: We recruit professionals or people aspiring to become professionals, regardless of whether they are new graduates or mid-career. Even if an applicant is a new graduate, as long as they show great potential and have sufficient basic knowledge, we welcome your application.

A: Interviews can be carried out through video conferencing if requested.
The final interview will be carried out face-to-face and transport costs will be reimbursed only if applicable.

A: Yes, you can apply.
As above, transport costs covering the final phase of the recruitment process for the applicant only will be reimbursed.

A: Most of our employees are based in Japan, but there is potential to be seconded to an overseas group company or to overseas group companies.

A: Even if you are interested in multiple positions, please apply for a single position initially.
In the remarks section, please indicate the other positions you are interested in.

A: We recruit professionals for certain positions, so we do not carry out regular rotations. However, transfers may be carried out in accordance with business needs and the wishes of our employees.

A: The approximate percentages of female employees are 40% in total workforce, 25% in senior management and 30% in new hires. The length of the employees' service is almost equal within any gender.

Recruitment Process
  • STEP-1

    Application Screening

    We usually respond within 1-2 weeks.
  • STEP-2

    Interviews and Aptitude Test

    Interviews will be attended by personnel from relevant divisions and an HR supervisor. Information on the aptitude test will be provided in accordance with the recruitment process.
  • STEP-3

    Job Offer