Environmental Initiatives

With the aim of harmonizing the reduction of burdens on the global environment with sustainable development, the SoftBank Group is promoting the use of renewable energy. The SoftBank Group is also proposing measures related to renewable energy and providing environmental education programs.

Ensuring Safety and Reliability of Renewable Energy

Ensuring Safety and Reliability of Renewable EnergyEnsuring Safety and Reliability of Renewable Energy

With the aim of combining renewable energy and technology to realize a convenient, comfortable society, SB Energy Corp. is building a platform that supplies energy safely and continuously. The renewable energy power generation business, which SB Energy has been developing since its establishment in 2011, operates 41 mega solar power generation plants and 2 wind power generation plants in Japan as well as a wind power generation plant in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Also, since 2012, the company has been conducting an experience-based environmental education program. To date, more than 2,500 children have participated in the program, which encourages participants to think independently and creatively about energy.


In addition to its power generation business, the company is conducting a virtual power plant verification project aimed at the effective utilization of power grids and investing in startups whose businesses are highly compatible with renewable energy.

  • Wind Farm Hamada

    SB Energy constructed, wind power generation plant "Wind Farm Hamada", in Kanagi and Yasaka Town, Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture.

  • Experience-based environmental education program

    As part of its community service activities, the company has conducted experience-based environmental education programs.

Aiming to Promote Renewable Energy

Aiming to Promote Renewable Energy

The devastation caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the incident at Tokyo Electric Power's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has stimulated interest in energy demand and power-saving programs in Japan, profoundly impacting on people's lifes, not only in East Japan,but throughout the entire country. The SoftBank Group recognizes the energy issue as a challenge that concerns the entire Japan and believes that the promotion and expansion of safe and renewable energy are one of the solutions.


Aiming to promote renewable energy,the SoftBank Group, together with local governments, established in July 2011 the Renewable Energy Governors' Alliance at the prefecture level and the Renewable Energy Governors' Alliance for Designated Cities at the urban level and began serving as secretariat for these two alliances. Through the alliances, together with 36 prefectures throughout Japan and the local governments of 18 cities, the SoftBank Group shares policy recommendations and information to promote renewable energy.