Group Companies

As of June 21, 2023

  • Major consolidated subsidiaries and associates are listed.

  • Please refer to the "Details of Major Subsidiaries and Associates" below for each company's Listed market, Fiscal Year-end, Capital and Voting Rights.
    Details of Major Subsidiaries and Associates (PDF)

  • SoftBank Group
    Capital Limited

  • SoftBank Group Japan Corporation

  • SB Group US, Inc.

  • Shiodome Project 17 GK

  • Shiodome Project 9 GK

  • SB Pan Pacific Corporation


  • Hayate Corporation

  • SB Northstar LP

  • SoftBank Corp.

    SoftBank Corp.

    Provision of mobile communications services; sale of mobile devices; provision of broadband communications services and solution services in Japan

  • A Holdings Corporation

  • Z Holdings Corporation

    Z Holdings Corporation

    Management of group companies of Z Holdings Corporation

  • Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.

    Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.

    IoT business, certification service business, security solution business, and Linux / OSS business

  • SB Technology Corp.

    SB Technology Corp.

    Solutions and services for online businesses

  • ITmedia Inc.

    ITmedia Inc.

    Operation of comprehensive IT information site ITmedia

  • eMnet


    Internet advertising agency business

  • Geniee, Inc.

    Geniee, Inc.

    Advertising technology business

  • C Channel Corporation

    C Channel Corporation

    E-commerce business; internet advertising and marketing

Subsidiaries and associates of Z Holdings Corporation

  • Z Intermediate Holdings Corporation

  • Yahoo Japan Corporation

    Yahoo Japan Corporation

    Internet advertising and e-commerce business

  • LINE Corporation

    LINE Corporation

    Provision of services of communication, content and advertisements based on the mobile messenger application LINE

  • PayPay Corporation

    PayPay Corporation

    Development and provision of mobile payments and other electronic payment services

  • Z Financial Corporation

    Z Financial Corporation

    Management of group companies of Z Financial Corporation


  • Alpha Purchase Co., Ltd.

    Alpha Purchase Co., Ltd.

    Sales of Indirect materials such as consumable supplies; facility management

  • ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

    ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

    Affiliate advertising marketing service; StoreMatch online advertising distribution service

  • ZOZO, Inc.

    ZOZO, Inc.

    Planning and operation of fashion e-commerce website; operational support of brands' own e-commerce website; operation of fashion coordination app

  • PayPay Bank Corporation

    PayPay Bank Corporation


  • ASKUL Corporation

    ASKUL Corporation

    Mail-order sale of stationery and services



    Operation of food delivery service Demae-can

  • Arm Limited

    Arm Limited

    Design of microprocessor intellectual property and related technology; sale of software tools and provision of related services

  • Arm PIPD Holdings One, LLC

  • Arm PIPD Holdings Two, LLC

  • Fortress Investment Group LLC

    Fortress Investment Group LLC

    Alternative investment management business

  • Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS Corp.

    Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS Corp.

    Ownership of professional baseball team; operation of baseball games; management and maintenance of baseball stadium and other sports facilities; distribution of video, voice, and data content via media

  • SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.

    SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.

    Holding company

  • In principle, “Co. Ltd.,” “Corporation,” etc., are omitted from the names of companies and organizations in this page.