Group Companies

As of June 21, 2024

  • Major consolidated subsidiaries and associates are listed.

SoftBank Group Overseas GK

SoftBank Group
Capital Limited

SoftBank Group Japan Corporation

SB Group US, Inc.

Shiodome Project 17 GK


Hayate Corporation

SB Pan Pacific Corporation

SB Northstar LP

SB Investment Advisers (UK) Limited

Management of SVF1

SB Global Advisers Limited

SB Global Advisers Limited

Management of SVF2 and LatAm Funds

SoftBank Vision Fund L.P.

SoftBank Vision Fund L.P.

Investment fund in the technology sector

SoftBank Vision Fund II-2 L.P.

SoftBank Vision Fund II-2 L.P.

Investment fund in the technology sector

SBLA Latin America Fund LLC

SBLA Latin America Fund LLC

Investment fund in the technology sector

SoftBank Corp.

Provision of mobile communications services; sale of mobile devices; provision of broadband communications services and solution services in Japan

A Holdings Corporation

LY Corporation

Development of online advertising business, ecommerce business, members services business, and other businesses, and managing of group companies and other operations

Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.

IoT business, certification service business, security solution business, and Linux / OSS business

SB Technology Corp.

ICT service business focusing on cloud, security, IoT and AI

ITmedia Inc.

Operation of comprehensive IT information site ITmedia


Internet advertising agency business

Geniee, Inc.

Advertising technology business

C Channel Corporation

E-commerce business; internet advertising and marketing

Subsidiaries and associates of LY Corporation

Z Intermediate Holdings Corporation

PayPay Corporation

Development and provision of mobile payments and other electronic payment services

Z Financial Corporation

Management of group companies of Z Financial Corporation


Alpha Purchase Co., Ltd.

Sales of Indirect materials such as consumable supplies; facility management

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

Affiliate advertising marketing service; StoreMatch online advertising distribution service

ZOZO, Inc.

Planning and operation of fashion e-commerce website; operational support of brands' own e-commerce website; operation of fashion coordination app

PayPay Bank Corporation


ASKUL Corporation

Mail-order sale of stationery and services


Operation of food delivery service Demae-can

Arm Holdings plc

Design of microprocessor intellectual property and related technology; sale of software tools and provision of related services

Arm PIPD Holdings One, LLC

Arm PIPD Holdings Two, LLC

Fortress Investment Group LLC

Alternative investment management business

Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS Corp.

Ownership of professional baseball team; operation of baseball games; management and maintenance of baseball stadium and other sports facilities; distribution of video, voice, and data content via media

SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.

Holding company

Balyo SA

Providing solutions for autonomous forklifts

  • In principle, “Co. Ltd.,” “Corporation,” etc., are omitted from the names of companies and organizations in this page.