Try hard, have fun

What kind of mindset is needed to be the Global No.1?

We need to meet challenges head on and surmount said obstacles.
It is a difficult journey, but it brings a sense of accomplishment and smiles to our customers.
We spare no effort to make this happen.
Trying hard does not have to be painful — we have fun with it instead.

“Try hard, have fun” is core to the Values and the DNA of the SoftBank Group,
which aims to keep growing for the next 300 years.
The following values are particularly important to us.

No.1, Challenge, Reverse Planning, Speed, Tenacity.

They are keywords that guide the actions of those working in the SoftBank Group.

To thrive in an ever-changing business environment, we believe these 5 values help us surmount any challenge we face.

No.1 Being No.1 is fun

Go for No.1.

You can be No.1 if you keep aiming for it. Being the dominant No.1 can lead to new challenges and open up possibilities for further growth.

Challenge Challenging yourself is fun

Challenge yourself. Don’t fear failure.

Always question the status quo. Taking on new challenges continually without fear of failure is the path to major growth.

Reverse Planning Reverse planning is fun

Plan back from your goal to your starting point.

If you only work toward incremental targets, your achievements are limited. You need to set major goals first, and then set milestones back to your starting point. Then what needs to be done now will be clear.

Speed Speed is fun

Act quickly to get results. Speed is key.

It is better to get something 70% done in 3 days than 100% done in a week. By practicing PDCA (plan-do-check-act) with speed, you can get results more quickly. And by taking the next steps swiftly, you will see even better results.

Tenacity Being tanacious is fun

Whatever it is you do, do it all the way. No excuses.

Rather than approaching something as difficult to do at the outset, always ask how something can be done with a strong will. If you believe in yourself and do not give up, you will surely find a way.