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Message for Sustainability

Masayoshi SonMasayoshi Son

Guided by our corporate philosophy, “Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone,” the SoftBank Group continues to grow and advance toward its aim of becoming the corporate group most needed by people around the world.

Concerns over climate change, the widening of economic, racial and gender inequality and other challenges are becoming increasingly global and are threatening not only companies, but the perpetuity of humankind itself. The spread of COVID-19 has also impacted global economic activities and the lives of people around the world on an unimaginable scale.


Even under such circumstances, we should not give up on hope for the future. Our history shows that humanity can utilize its collective wisdom and do its utmost to solve any issue when confronted by a crisis. During this pandemic, the use of technology has likely increased in every industry sector. I believe the SoftBank Group will continue to help solve global challenges and support the sustainability of humankind and the planet by continuously leading the Information Revolution to accelerate innovation that drives technological evolution.


Our corporate philosophy, “Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone,” embodies our determination to bring happiness to everyone, even to future generations 300 years from now.


To create a world where people can live in harmony with the earth and realize a sustainable society, the SoftBank Group will fulfill its responsibilities as the leader of the Information Revolution.

Masayoshi Son

Representative Director, Corporate Officer, Chairman & CEO

Yoshimitsu GotoYoshimitsu Goto

Corporate ESG initiatives are becoming increasingly significant amid emerging global risks, such as the spread of COVID-19, that see no end in sight and a rising number of natural disasters in recent years caused by extreme global weather conditions.


Recognizing their significance, SoftBank Group Corp. built an internal foundation and enhanced information disclosure in fiscal 2020 to further strengthen ESG initiatives. In June 2020, we established our Sustainability Committee. Since then, we have gained a better understanding of the ESG initiatives that had been undertaken separately by each Group company, discussed them at the management level, and began establishing Group-wide policies and targets.


On the environmental front, our major subsidiaries have already taken proactive measures to fight climate change, such as expanding renewable energy businesses and setting targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that now is the time to take more concrete action, and in fiscal 2020, we achieved carbon neutrality. In the future, we will take further steps, such as defining climate-related group targets, as we work to reduce the environmental impact of the entire Group.


Also, as one of our key initiatives as an investment company, we revised the “Portfolio Company Governance and Investment Guidelines Policy” to incorporate ESG perspectives into our investment process in May 2021. We made it clear that both opportunities and risks arising from environmental and social factors should be evaluated within the investment and monitoring process. In the same manner, as we meet the expectations and demands of investors and other stakeholders and enhance our ESG initiatives, we believe that proactively encouraging our portfolio companies to take ESG initiatives will contribute significantly to the sustainable development of society as a whole and the sustainable development of the Group. Going forward, we will formulate specific implementation plans to evaluate opportunities and risks at each of our investment business subsidiaries.


We are now at the implementation stage to realize our ESG goals and policies. In addition to further enhancing nonfinancial information disclosure, we will strive to strengthen our ESG initiatives throughout the Group so that we can report our progress to investors and other stakeholders.



Yoshimitsu Goto

Board Director, Corporate Officer, Senior Vice President, CFO, CISO