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Message from the Chairman & CEO

Masayoshi SonMasayoshi Son

Guided by our corporate philosophy, “Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone,” the SoftBank Group continues to grow and advance toward its aim of becoming the corporate group needed most by people around the world.

Concerns over climate change, the widening of disparities, racial and gender inequality and other challenges that we face are becoming increasingly global and are threatening not only companies, but the perpetuity of humankind itself.


The rapid spread of COVID-19 is impacting global economic activities and the lives of people around the world on an unimaginable scale, and we are facing an unprecedented crisis.


Even under such circumstances, we should not give up on hope for the future. Our history shows that humanity can utilize its collective wisdom and do its utmost to solve any issue when confronted by a crisis. I believe the SoftBank Group will continue to help solve global challenges and support the sustainability of humankind and the planet by continuously leading the Information Revolution through accelerating innovation and technological evolution.


Our corporate philosophy, “Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone,” embodies our determination to bring happiness to everyone, even to future generations 300 years from now.


To create a world where people can live in harmony with the earth and realize a sustainable society, the SoftBank Group will fulfill its responsibilities as leader of the Information Revolution.

Masayoshi Son

Representative Director, Corporate Officer, Chairman & CEO

December 2020

Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer

Yoshimitsu GotoYoshimitsu Goto

Think Through What We Can Do for the World:
Achieving a Sustainable Society through Corporate Management

The development and globalization of information technology over the past few decades has enriched the lives of many people, but we also now face serious problems, including climate change and other environmental issues, poverty, the digital divide, human rights violations and other social challenges. While facing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, corporate responsibilities that account for global risks are becoming even bigger, and companies are expected to solve issues in a timely and appropriate manner in an uncertain and increasingly complex environment.


Reinforcing our commitment to these responsibilities, SoftBank Group Corp. established the Sustainability Committee as a forum to discuss material challenges to our sustainability. As Chief Sustainability Officer (CSusO), as well as CFO of the Company, I will lead the Sustainability Committee, encourage discussions on sustainability among management, respond to requests from stakeholders, and promote initiatives to achieve sustainable management and a sustainable society.


As the world recognizes global risks and works to address the situation, every single company is aware of sustainability and ESG. However, without understanding the real meaning of sustainability, we end up with short-term solutions, and we will never be able to address the real issues. We need to think through what we can do for the world as a company that sees the big picture, imagine how people and what the world will be like in 300 years, and bring those thoughts to our business. This is what is being asked of our company, and these are the sustainability initiatives we should be addressing.


We will continuously strive to realize our corporate philosophy, “Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone,” by fulfilling our broad responsibilities.

Yoshimitsu Goto

Board Director, Corporate Officer, Senior Vice President, CFO, CISO & CSusO

December 2020