Vision & Strategy

Cluster of No. 1 Strategy

Growth Strategy of the SoftBank Group
— Cluster of No. 1 Strategy

We are guided by our corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution — Happiness for Everyone.” We aim to be a corporate group that maximizes enterprise value while providing essential technologies and services to people around the world. Therefore, we believe it is essential that we continuously evolve to reflect changes in society, rather than fixate on a particular technology or business model.

Cluster of No. 1 Strategy

The goal of the “Cluster of No. 1 Strategy” is to form a diverse group of companies with outstanding technologies and business models in specific fields. Under this strategy, the companies are encouraged to form synergies to evolve and grow together based on capital ties and a shared vision while making decisions independently. While appearing similar to zaibatsu, a type of Japanese conglomerate, and overseas equivalents, we believe this approach is in fact totally different. We believe this unique organizational strategy has the potential to help the Group to grow over the next 300 years through flexible transformation and the expansion of business lines.

The Cluster of No. 1 Strategy has two distinctive features. First, it aims to create a cluster of leading companies in their respective fields, markedly heightening the competitiveness of the whole cluster. Second, the strategy enables SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) to maintain an extremely flexible management style, rather than controlling and managing portfolio companies as wholly-owned subsidiaries. As a strategic holding company, SBG will seek to provide guidance on decision-making of companies in the cluster. SBG, however, will largely not seek to acquire majority equity interests or integration of brands, as it attaches greater importance to preserving companies’ diversity and autonomy. Further, our decision to generally not hold majority stakes, in our view, means we are able to more easily exit from equity interests in group companies that have matured or not grown as expected, thereby facilitating their smooth replacement over time.

Cluster of No. 1 AI Strategy
— Focused on the Potential of AI

At present, the incorporation of AI into a range of business models is reshaping value creation and fundamentally redefining all industries. The expansion of markets and the creation of new industries through the utilization of AI bring huge opportunities. To ensure that we seize these opportunities, we are investing to build a cluster of leading AI companies that are building innovative services and business models based around the emerging capabilities of AI technology. These efforts are based on the “Cluster of No. 1 AI Strategy,” which we believe will sustain our growth going forward. In implementing this strategy, SoftBank Vision Fund plays a leading role by enabling large-scale investment activities over the long term.