Embarking on a new stage of the Information Revolution with a “Beyond Carrier” strategy

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) offers products and services that revolutionize customers' lifestyles by leveraging the latest technology,including AI, IoT, and robotics. We aim to take a flexible approach to expand our business into a wide range of domains while pursuing synergies with group companies both domestically and overseas. We also aspire to be a company that contributes to society by providing innovative services across a range of industries, going beyond the realms of conventional telecommunications carrier business models.

Basic information

Main Businesses
  • Consumer business: Provision of mobile services, sale of mobile devices, and provision of broadband services to retail customers in Japan
  • Enterprise business: Provision of mobile communications and solutions services to enterprise customers in Japan
  • Distribution business: Provision of ICT services products to enterprise customers and provision of communication devicerelated products and IoT equipment to retail customers
  • Yahoo! JAPAN/LINE business: Provision of Internet advertising and e-commerce services
Core Companies

SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp.

Z Holdings Corporation

Z Holdings Corporation

Yahoo Japan Corporation

Yahoo Japan Corporation

LINE Corporation

LINE Corporation


As well as being a domestic telecommunications carrier, SoftBank utilizes the base this business provides to advance its Beyond Carrier strategy,which aims for sustainable growth and further development of services, content and related businesses.

Communications services to meet diverse needs

Three brands have been developed to respond to the various needs of our customers; the main brand “SoftBank”, a mobile telecommunications service; “Y!mobile”, a budget sub-brand; and “LINEMOBILE”. Looking ahead to the era of IoT, we are putting our energy to strengthen networks before 2020 when the launch of 5G services will usher in the next generation of mobile communications. This includes commercial LTB standard NB-IoT services for IoT devices specialized for low price and energy savings.

In addition to mobile communication services, we are striving to further expand our customer base by establishing contact points with a wide range of customers through the provision of electricity service SoftBank Electricity and fixed broadband services such as SoftBank Hikari.

Raising added value by maximizing synergies within the group

SoftBank and Yahoo Japan provide mobile e-commerce services including Yahoo! JAPAN online shopping which can be easily and conveniently used on SoftBank and Y!mobile smartphones.Furthermore, efforts are being made to raise the added value on these services, such as awarding bonus points when using Yahoo! Shopping and making the Yahoo! Premium service essentially free for users of both brands.

ICT distribution offering state of the art products and services

SoftBank offers a broad array of network infrastructure products with over 400,000 items, including ICT distribution software and hardware which provide cutting-edge products and services.

Pursuing new businesses

SoftBank is continuing to cultivate and expand new businesses in cooperation and collaboration with partner companies with the world's most advanced business models, such as SoftBank Vision Fund investees.

As part of these efforts, SoftBank established entities including WeWork Japan, PayPayCorporation, DiDi Mobility Japan Corp. and OYO Hotels Japan G.K. In addition, SoftBank established joint ventures with Alibaba Group and U.S.-based Cybereason Inc. to offer cloud and cyber security services.

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