Web Accessibility Policy

In order to provide a better experience to all of you, we aim to ensure and improve the accessibility of this website in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a quality standard.


The entire website (https://group.softbank). However, since it is difficult to respond to the following items at this time, they are excluded from the scope of coverage and will be considered in the future.

  • YouTube, Brightcove, and other video players, as well as content of videos

  • PDF files, Excel files, etc. that are not in HTML format

  • Embedded maps using Mapbox

  • Earnings highlights, stock price charts, and dividend information tables/graphs provided by StockWeather

Target level of conformance and degree of compliance

Compliant with WCAG 2.1 Level AA*

Items that are currently identified as issues

As a result of the web accessibility evaluation, we have identified the issues below.

There are images that do not have the appropriate content or implementation of alt text.1.1.1Non-text Content
There are parts that are not implemented with the appropriate elements for the document structure.1.3.1Info and Relationships
There are parts where the order of implementation does not conform to the order of the content.1.3.2Meaningful Sequence
There are parts where information is conveyed only by visual characteristics.1.3.3Sensory Characteristics
There are input forms that do not have the autocomplete attributes set properly.1.3.5Identify Input Purpose
There are parts where the contrast ratio between the text color and the background color is insufficient.1.4.3Contrast (Minimum)
There are some parts that do not support zooming in on mobile display.1.4.4Resize Text
There are parts where the text is imaged.1.4.5Images of Text
When browsing on a narrow screen, some content is not displayed in the proper layout.1.4.10Reflow
There are graphic objects that lack the contrast ratio with the background color.1.4.11Non-text Contrast
There are components that cannot be operated with a keyboard.2.1.1Keyboard
There are components that are not in the appropriate focus order.2.4.3Focus Order
There are parts difficult to determine the purpose of the link.2.4.4Link Purpose (In Context)
There are areas that use the aria-label attribute whose content is inappropriate.2.4.6Headings and Labels
There are some parts where a language is not specified individually.3.1.2Language of Parts
There are error messages that make it difficult to identify where or why the error occurred.3.3.3Error Suggestion
There are components of the implementation that are difficult to convey roles and values to assistive technology.4.1.2Name, Role, Value

In order to solve the above issues, we are working on improving the web pages.

  • "Compliant" in this policy is consistent with the "JIS X 8341-3:2016 Compliance Notation Guidelines for Web Content - April 2021 Edition" (Japanese) by the Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee of the Info-communication Access Council.

Evaluation results