Vision & Strategy


To become the world’s most essential corporate group

The SoftBank Group’s aim to contribute to people’s happiness through the Information Revolution, and to become “the corporate group needed most by people around the world.” To achieve its vision, SoftBank will continue to concentrate its operations in the information industry, and advance the Information Revolution with leading technologies essential to the times and superior business models.

A corporate group growing for the next 300 years

To continue to grow as a corporate group for the next 300 years, the SoftBank Group strives to develop over the long-term by forming partnerships with the most superior companies at the time in the information industry, without adhering to particular technologies or business models.

Strategic synergy group

The SoftBank Group will create an autonomous and synergistic eco-system that can self-evolve and self-propagate through collaborations between our group companies.

Successors for the next generation

SoftBank Academia started on July 28, 2010 to discover and train successors for the next generation of the SoftBank Group. Masayoshi Son, as founding principal, directly instructs students who apply from both inside and outside the Group to foster successors.