SoftBank Vision Fund and Other SBIA-Managed Funds Segment

SB Synergy Group strategy
to accelerate the Information Revolution

The SoftBank Vision Fund seeks to accelerate the AI revolution through investment in market-leading, tech-enabled growth companies. Its global reach, unrivalled ecosystem and freedom-level capital help founders build transformative businesses.

Basic information

Main Business
Investment activities through the SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund
Core Company

SB Investment Advisers (UK) Limited


SB Investment Advisers (UK) Limited

SoftBank Vision Fund L.P.


SoftBank Vision Fund L.P.


The SoftBank Vision Fund is managed by SoftBank Investment Advisers (SBIA), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, established in the UK. SBIA seeks to evaluate, invest in and partner with founder-led companies around the world that it believes are well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities that the AI revolution will present.

The reporting segment includes the results of the investment and operational activities of the SoftBank Vision Fund.

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