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    Information Revolution —
    Happiness for everyone

    To contribute to the world to come in which society, industry and lifestyles will be redefined via technological advances, we at the SoftBank Group will offer new value and drive forward changes through close collaborations between our core businesses and investees, which have platforms and business models that have the potential of becoming next-generation infrastructure.

    Message from Chairman & CEO
    Masayoshi Son

    Company that keeps growing for 300 years SoftBank Group's Cluster of No.1 Strategy

    We aim to become a corporate group that further accelerates its strong growth and keeps growing over the next 300 years by advancing our unique organizational “Cluster of No.1 Strategy” in which we through the cluster comprised solely of like-minded No.1 companies in their respective fields will continuously evolve while generating synergies. Details of the Cluster of No.1 Strategy

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    • SoftBank Segment
    • Sprint Segment
    • Yahoo Japan Segment
    • Arm Segment
    • SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund Segment
    • Brightstar Segment
    SoftBank Segment Provides mobile communication services, sells mobile devices, and provides broadband services to retail customers, and data communications and other fixed line telecom services to corporate customers in Japan. Learn more Sprint Segment Provides mobile communication services, sells mobile handsets and accessories accompanying mobile communication services, and provides fixed-line telecommunication services in the U.S. Learn more Yahoo Japan Segment Engaged in Internet-based advertising operations and the e-commerce business and provides membership services. Learn more Arm Segment Provides processor IP and related software and tools, Internet of Things (IoT) platform and solutions. Learn more SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund Segment Large-scale and long-term investments in innovative companies and platform businesses. Learn more Brightstar Segment Provides distribution of mobile devices overseas and services at every stage of the wireless device lifecycle that seamlessly link with customers' businesses. Learn more


    Working continually to solve social issues through our business activities,
    we will seek to bring about a society that enriches the lives of people throughout the world.



    We are looking for new team members who can continuously take on challenges and contribute to the future.
    Our three keywords are “smart,” “professionalism,” and “relationships.”