Company Info

Risk Management

SoftBank Group Corp. conducts risk management throughout the group. We have built a group-wide system to anticipate potential risks and prevent the materialization of these risks as well as to minimize losses in situations where serious risks may materialize.

Risk Management System

The SoftBank Group Company Management Regulations set out our fundamental approach to risk management. Based on the regulations,we have appointed risk officers and built a system to prevent and mitigate risks in business activities. Further, when an emergency occurs, appropriate responses as a corporate group are determined according to a designated escalation flow from our subsidiaries, associates, and jointly controlled companies to us. In addition,we have been strengthening the risk management capabilities of the SoftBank Group. For example, we newly established the Group Risk and Compliance Committee (GRCC) in 2019,which oversees risk management of the entire group.


Risk Management Initiatives

SoftBank Group Corp. operates a risk management Plan–Do–Check–Act cycle under the supervision of the GRCC.

Doing so enables us to understand potential risks and the occurrence of incidents at our group companies,as well as to identify significant risks and issues at the group level. Following the aforementioned cycle,we regularly collect such information as the results of risk assessments from our group companies. By analyzing this information,we identify material risks that could give rise to losses in the SoftBank Group. Such findings as well as the status of risks of the entire group are reported to the Board of Directors. Through this process, SoftBank Group Corp. takes steps including deciding on countermeasures for material risks and revising the risk management cycle.