SoftBank Group Code of Conduct


Aim High

Aim High. Pursue Integrity.

Masayoshi Son,
Chairman & CEO, SoftBank Group Corp.

We have a lofty aspiration:

- Bringing happiness to people around the world -

Guided by our corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution—Happiness for Everyone,” the SoftBank Group pioneers new markets and ventures in new fields of business with partners around the world.

What would happen if, while pursuing this worthy aim, we did something that betrayed society’s expectations? We would lose the trust that we have worked so hard to build, and our existence as a company would be endangered. For the SoftBank Group to continue to grow and bring happiness to people around the world for the next 300 years and beyond, it is essential we conduct our business not only in accordance with law but also with the highest ethical standards.Integrity must be the foundation for all our business activities. If that foundation is shaky, none of our business activities will succeed.

How can we ensure a culture of integrity and compliance? In short, by maintaining high principles. This need not be difficult. If you place your hand on your heart and ask yourself, “Am I doing anything to deceive others?” “Can I hold my head high when talking to my family?” then the answer will come naturally. All of us who work at the SoftBank Group need to confirm that all our colleagues share that feeling.

I expect all the SoftBank Group directors, officers and employees to follow our Code. I strongly believe that if each of us continues to aspire to do our best while maintaining high principles, we will be able to achieve our corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution—Happiness for Everyone.” Aim high!

A Message from Our Group Compliance Officer

Tim Mackey,
Group Compliance Officer,
SoftBank Group Corp.

As we broaden our business and recognition around the globe with a goal to be the most innovative corporate group in the world, I strongly believe a commitment to integrity must be the foundation for our business. Each day we must challenge ourselves to demonstrate the highest degree of ethical conduct in every action we take. We want to be proud of what we achieve, and also how we achieve it. This is essential for us to maintain and expand our role as a leading global corporation.

At the SoftBank Group, we strictly adhere to laws and regulations. But we also aim for more than that. We strive for the highest degree of ethical conduct in every action we take. We will conduct our business in a quality manner that reflects our proud heritage. We will continue to make a positive difference in the world as a leading corporate citizen and as a valued participant in the communities where we work and live.

This version of our Code supports that expansion and aim by clearly describing the standards of conduct we expect at the SoftBank Group. Our Code applies to everyone at the SoftBank Group--the SoftBank Group’s directors, officers and employees in every country, business unit, and corporate function.

When we apply the SoftBank Group’s standards to our lives, we make better and more ethical decisions. In situations where it is clear how to apply our Code, the law, or the SoftBank Group policies, there is no tolerance for violations such as making a corrupt payment. But often there are more challenging circumstances that require good judgment. When they occur, we expect everyone at the SoftBank Group to get help and involve others to make the right choice. While our Code doesn’t cover every possible situation, it does establish the minimum expectations and requirements for ethical conduct at the SoftBank Group. As employees, we acknowledge that we will be held accountable where our behavior falls short of these expectations.

The SoftBank Group leaders are responsible for creating an environment where people feel safe to raise and communicate genuine concerns. Employees who raise concerns play a vital role in maintaining an ethical workplace and safeguarding the SoftBank Group. It is important that you know that we will not tolerate retaliation against those who raise concerns.

Our Code at a Glance

Ethical Decision-making Model

Our actions and their consequences are seldom only good or only bad. Resolving an ethical question involves more than weighing the moral pros and cons of an action and its outcomes; it involves making a decision that is compliant with laws, our Code, policies, rules and procedures. If you have doubts about a decision or our business activities, get help from others and collaborate with experts or use the SoftBank Group Ethical Decision-making Model.

The SoftBank Group Ethical Decision-making Model is a practical tool to help you make better decisions. Answer the short and simple questions listed in 1 through 5 in the wheel to your right. If you’re not sure of the final answer, get help by contacting your manager and other relevant teams such as human resources, legal or ethics and compliance. If the answer to any question is “No” then stop.Proceed with your action only if you can answer “Yes” to each of the questions listed in the model.

[Question 1 Was your first reaction OK?] Are you comfortable with the issue or decision? / [Question 2 Is it legal?] Does it comply with applicable laws and regulations? / [Question 3 Is it consistent with our corporate philosophy?] Is it consistent with our corporate philosophy? Read our Code, and consider if the decision is consistent with it. / [Question 4 Would your family think it was OK if they read about your decision?] It is useful to think of how your family and friends would see and judge your actions and their consequences to assess the ethical impact of decisions. / [Question 5 Proceed or Consult] You can always consult with others if you remain unsure.