Investor Relations

Status of Dialogue with Shareholders

Overview of dialogue with shareholders and other investors

In order to promote constructive dialogue with shareholders and other investors, including equity and credit investors, we conduct investor relations activities under the supervision of our Board Director, Corporate Officer, Senior Vice President, CFO. These activities are led by our Investor Relations Department, which consisted of 16 members as of June 1, 2023, including the Global Head of Investor Relations, and in close collaboration with relevant departments, including Accounting, Finance, Corporate Legal, and General Administration. Dialogues with shareholders and other investors are handled by our management, including our Board Director, Corporate Officer, Senior Vice President, CFO, and the Investor Relations Department.

Number of dialogue sessions with shareholders and other investors


Major dialogue subjects and topics of interest for shareholders (as of May 31, 2023)

1. SoftBank Vision Funds

  • Risk of recognizing losses on valuation due to further declines in fair value, particularly for private portfolio companies
  • Risk of performance deterioration and cash burn of portfolio companies amid worsening global economic conditions, as well as the risk of additional capital injection by SoftBank Group Corp.
  • Scale of future new investments and specific areas of emphasis within AI

2. Arm

  • Timing of its IPO and equity value upon the IPO
  • Competitive landscape and growth strategy after the IPO
  • Impact of the proliferation of generative AI

3. Capital allocation

  • The balance (capital allocation) and priorities among (1) shareholder returns, including share repurchases, (2) balance sheet strengthening, including bond repurchases, and (3) investment for growth
  • Usage of abundant cash position
  • Future levels of LTV and cash position

4. Sustainability

  • Succession plan
  • Management compensation
  • Measures to address climate change, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Measures to address social issues, such as promoting diversity and inclusion and respecting human rights
  • Integration of ESG considerations into investment processes

Status of providing feedback to management and the Board of Directors on the opinions and concerns of shareholders and other investors

We strive to establish a positive cycle for a feedback loop in which we promptly collect and compile the opinions and concerns shared by shareholders and other investors, report this feedback to top management and relevant departments, incorporate the feedback into various measures, and use it to enhance our information disclosure and messaging. In addition, we regularly report to the Board of Directors on the opinions and concerns raised during the dialogues, as well as on trends in shareholder ownership.