Additional Investment in RockYou, Inc.

SOFTBANK CORP. (hereafter ‘the Company’) announces that it has made an additional investment in one of the world's largest social application providers, RockYou, Inc. (Head office: California, USA, hereafter ‘RockYou’) through the Company's subsidiary. This investment aims to strengthen the relationship with RockYou and create enhanced group synergy for both parties by planning, developing and deploying social applications jointly.

The amount of the current investment is 50 million USD, bringing the total investment by the SOFTBANK Group in RockYou to nearly 70 million USD.

The Company and RockYou jointly established RockYou Asia, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereafter ‘RockYou Asia’) in February 2009. Using applications developed by RockYou,RockYou Asia distributes various applications across social networks in Japan and other Asian countries after adding new and customized features tailored to the general culture and traditions of each country. Applications have been launched in China (renren, former xiaonei) in June 2009, in Japan (mixi) in August 2009, and in Korea (Nate, former Cyworld) in October 2009.

About RockYou, Inc.

Established in November 2005, RockYou is one of the world's largest social application providers with over 200 million users worldwide. RockYou provides casual entertaining games and software facilitating interactive communication with friends, on social networking platforms like Facebook, MySpace, etc.

About RockYou Asia Inc.

Company nameRockYou Asia Inc.
Address6-8-10, Roppoingi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business descriptionDevelopment and provision of social application on SNS
RepresentativeTaizo Son, President & CEO
Company's website
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