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Appointment of Representative Director (Additional Appointment)

SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (the “Company”) announced that its Board of Directors resolved on March 29, 2013 to additionally appoint a representative director as follows.

1. Reason for the additional appointment

The SoftBank Group (the “Group”) has been developing a wide range of businesses in the information industry including mobile communications business, service and content, and the range of business is continuously expanding. In addition, the Company is expecting to complete the acquisition transaction with Sprint Nextel Corporation in the U.S. in mid 2013, which will enable us to establish an operating base as one of the largest mobile Internet companies in the world.
Appointing director Ken Miyauchi, who also serves amongst others as representative director & COO of SoftBank Mobile Corp., as a representative director, executive vice president of the Company, will allow us to enhance the management structure of the Company and the Group, as well as to maintain the flexibility of management.
The title of Masayoshi Son, chairman and CEO remains the same, and he will continuously lead the business of the Company and the Group.

2. Name and title of the new representative director

New titleNameCurrent title
Representative director, executive vice presidentKen MiyauchiDirector

3. Biography of the new representative director

Date of birthNovember 1, 1949
Personal profileFeb. 1977Joined Japan Management Association
Oct. 1984Joined the Company
Feb. 1988Director, the Company
Apr. 1993Executive director, the Company
Sept. 1999Representative director & president, SOFTBANK COMMERCE CORP. (currently SoftBank BB Corp.)
June 2000Director, the Company (to present)
Feb. 2004Vice president, director & COO, SoftBank BB Corp.
July 2004Director, JAPAN TELECOM Co., LTD. (currently SoftBank Telecom Corp.)
Apr. 2006Executive vice president, director & COO, Vodafone K.K. (currently SoftBank Mobile Corp.)
Oct. 2006Representative director & COO, SoftBank Telecom Corp. (to present)
June 2007Representative director & COO, SoftBank Mobile Corp. (to present)
June 2007Representative director & COO, SoftBank BB Corp. (to present)
Aug. 2010Trustee, WILLCOM, Inc. (to present)
Nov. 2010Representative director & president, WILLCOM Inc. (to present)
June 2012Director, Yahoo Japan Corporation (to present)
Jan. 2013Director, eAccess Ltd. (to present)
Significant concurrent position
  • Representative director & COO, SoftBank Mobile Corp.
  • Representative director & COO, SoftBank BB Corp.
  • Representative director & COO, SoftBank Telecom Corp.
  • Representative director & president, WILLCOM Inc.
  • Director, Yahoo Japan Corporation
  • Director, eAccess Ltd.
Number of the Company's shares held1,160,030 shares as of the end of September 2012.

4. Date of assumption

April 1, 2013 (tentative)

5. List of directors and corporate auditors after the appointment

  • Masayoshi Son, chairman & CEO
  • Ken Miyauchi, representative director, executive vice president
  • Kazuhiko Kasai, director
  • Ronald D. Fisher, director
  • Yun Ma, director
  • Tadashi Yanai, director
  • Mark Schwartz, director
  • Sunil Bharti Mittal, director
  • Mitsuo Sano, full-time corporate auditor
  • Soichiro Uno, corporate auditor
  • Kouichi Shibayama, corporate auditor
  • Hidekazu Kubokawa, corporate auditor
  • *1 Directors, Messrs. Tadashi Yanai, Mark Schwartz, and Sunil Bharti Mittal are external directors.
  • *2 Corporate auditors, Messrs. Soichiro Uno, Kouchi Shibayama, and Hidekazu Kubokawa are external corporate auditors.
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