Leading the Information Revolution to the Next Paradigm Shift

Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO, SoftBank Group Corp.

Today is a historic day for the SoftBank Group and ARM Holdings. We have brought together two companies with a shared vision and ambition, driven to empower the world with technology that makes life easier, safer and more fulfilling. Now that ARM is part of the SoftBank Group, the vision and mission we share will not change; it is business as usual — only better.

We feel that it is appropriate to explain why the two companies share a far more exciting future together. The SoftBank Group and ARM have enabled technology that is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution. Every day, more than 40 million ARM-based chips are shipped by ARM partners into products enabling consumers and businesses around the world. Every day, the SoftBank Group provides mobile and fixed-line connectivity to over 100 million people and devices in Japan and the U.S., offers numerous Internet services and is pioneering new ventures in AI, smart robotics and IoT.

But neither of us define success simply by the number of chips shipped, people connected or revenues earned. We believe that technology should advance for the benefit of humanity. Put another way, we believe that by harnessing the true potential of what SoftBank calls the Information Revolution, we can contribute to people's happiness and joy, and to the future of the world. This is perhaps a bold proposition, but one that cuts right to the core of what technology can deliver.

The SoftBank Group has been at the forefront of technology shifts — from PC software distribution to the PC Internet to the Mobile Internet — and ARM is core to what we see as the next paradigm shift in the Information Revolution: IoT. As an essential part of the SoftBank Group, ARM will be able to move faster in creating new technologies, infrastructure, products and services designed specifically for a smarter and more connected world.

Following the acquisition, we believe the future looks even brighter for ARM partners, our people and everyone else we collaborate with. The change of ownership does not mean a change in direction. ARM's senior team will remain in place and there is a continued commitment to the cornerstones of ARM's success: neutrality, delivering energy-efficient and innovative technology across multiple markets and shared rewards for our partners, stakeholders and people.

Together, we will continue to expand the technology that ARM offers through an even greater focus on research and development across the range of our processor designs, systems and software, physical IP, security technologies, wireless and smart connected platforms. ARM, as a member of the SoftBank Group, will remain an advanced engineering company that attracts and retains people who are passionate about developing technology that invisibly enables opportunity for a globally-connected population.

We believe that the value of this acquisition is far beyond the combination of two companies. The SoftBank Group touches many elements of the technology sector, from mobile communications to robotics. ARM is the leading semiconductor-based architecture for the digital world. As we move forward together, we will write an important new chapter in the industry's history. Each of us has always had a future-oriented perspective, but together our focus will be filled with bolder ambitions. Whether it is advanced robotics, 5G networks, green data centers, supercomputers or intelligent connected devices, we can and will help to enable positive change. It is now our collective vision to realize an Information Revolution that brings happiness to everyone.


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