The SoftBank Group Enters Strategic Partnership with
Exeger and Invests to Accelerate Deployment of
Exeger Solar Technology

EXEGER Operations AB
SoftBank Group Corp.
SB Energy Corp.

SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) and Exeger Operations AB (“Exeger”) today announced entry into a definitive agreement under which SBG invests $10 million in Exeger. In a related development, SB Energy Corp. (“SB Energy”), a Japanese subsidiary of SBG, and Exeger entered into a strategic partnership agreement to accelerate the global rollout of the Exeger technology.


The Exeger solar cell works efficiently in ambient light conditions, in both artificial and natural light, with the potential to enable self-powered devices. Exeger intends to change the perception of available energy by integrating the solar cell into mass market products. It is the only solar cell that can be printed in free-form and different colors, allowing it to seamlessly enhance any product with endless power.


SBG has the right to nominate a director for appointment to Exeger's board of directors. SB Energy intends to partner with Exeger to accelerate the global launch of this ultra-thin, flexible solar cell and open up a wider array of new Exeger powered products within the SoftBank group ecosystem.


“The development of this innovative technology, which can convert any light into energy that can be used in any way, will dramatically transform people's lifestyles and behaviours,” said Shigeki Miwa, General Manager of CEO Project Office and Representative Director & CEO of SB Energy Corp. “The SoftBank Group is extremely happy to be able to collaborate with Exeger, which has this amazing technology, to promote the fusion of energy and technology and help realize a more convenient and comfortable society.”


“I am extremely proud that the boldest visionary in the world has identified Exeger as a global key enabling technology company. SBG, with its global reach and vast resources, is the perfect partner to fully exploit the potential of our technology. Together we will change people's perception of available energy now that any surface exposed to light can be power generating. We will use this initial SBG investment to accelerate commercialization across multiple markets.” says Exeger's Founder & CEO Giovanni Fili.


Exeger manufactures the world's best solar cells. It seamlessly enhances any product in both natural and artificial light. Exeger's vision is of a better world where any surface can be power generating through ambient light. The company's goal is to change the perception of available energy by integrating self-power into everyday devices, the brighter the better. Effortless and endless energy will drive global change into a new age of innovation and sustainability.

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