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Announcement of Repurchase of Domestic Unsecured Straight Corporate Bonds

SoftBank Group Corp.

SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) announced today that it has determined to carry out an offer to purchase (the “Repurchase”) a portion of the 1st and 2nd unsecured subordinated corporate bonds and the 48th, 49th, 51st, and 52nd unsecured corporate bonds (collectively, the “Target Bonds”) as set forth below.

Description of the Repurchase
1. RepurchaseSBG will acquire a portion of the Target Bonds through the Repurchase.
2. Target Bonds1st Unsecured Subordinated Bond due 2021 (Coupon 2.50%)
2nd Unsecured Subordinated Bond due 2022 (Coupon 2.50%)
48th Unsecured Corporate Bond due 2022 (Coupon 2.13%)
49th Unsecured Corporate Bond due 2023 (Coupon 1.94%)
51st Unsecured Corporate Bond due 2024 (Coupon 2.03%)
52nd Unsecured Corporate Bond due 2024 (Coupon 2.03%)
3. Purchase amountUp to JPY 200 billion in total
The final purchase amount will be determined on July 17, 2020, based on the status of applications and other factors. The upper limit of the purchase amount is subject to change at the discretion of SBG.
4. Purchase priceJPY 100.50 for the 1st and 2nd unsecured subordinated corporate bonds
JPY 100.00 for the 48th, 49th, 51st, and 52nd unsecured corporate bonds
(Purchases will be made at the settlement price, which is the purchase price plus accrued interest to the settlement date. The purchase price is determined based on the secondary price as of today and will be fixed during the purchase period.)
5. Purchase periodFrom June 30, 2020 to July 17, 2020 (planned)
6. Last settlement dateJuly 22, 2020 (planned)
Inquiry to respective securities company for details is advised, as the settlement date may vary with the securities companies to which bonds should be sold. 
7. Application method, etc.SBG will purchase the Target Bonds through the securities companies that originally sold these bonds. Please contact the respective securities company, from which these bonds were purchased, for the schedules and other details of application methods, as they may vary with respective securities company. 
8. OthersDepending on the status of applications at respective securities company, the request for a sale may not be met. Inquiry to respective securities company at an early date is advised.

In addition to the Repurchase, SBG may also purchase in the secondary market as appropriate, taking into account the factors such as the supply and demand situation.

Announcement, delivery, distribution or other dissemination of this document to the United States (including all states of the United States, the District of Columbia and the United States territories) is prohibited. This document does not constitute a solicitation to the United States for the Repurchase described in this document.

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