We Commit to
Responsible AI, Diversity,
Inclusiveness and Engaging Environment

Responsible AI, Employee satisfaction, pride,
uniqueness and diversity will be encouraged and valued.

Code of Conduct MENU

We commit to integrating responsible AI proactively into our operations

The SoftBank Group believes AI stands at the heart of the information revolution, transcending knowledge to unlock wisdom and creativity. With the belief that AI will be instrumental in shaping a more prosperous, happier, and extraordinary future for humanity, we pledge to embrace and implement it responsibly.

  • We will leverage AI in our business processes while maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • We will adhere strictly to applicable laws and regulations, including internal policies.
  • We will seek guidance from IT, legal, and compliance when adopting new AI systems.
  • We will maintain vigilance in protecting data, ensuring the confidentiality of personal, customer and corporate information.
  • We will be responsible for the content generated by AI and its applications.
  • We will partake in essential training to accurately assess AI’s potential and associated risks.

We respect and value every individual

The SoftBank Group believes that all people should be free from discrimination, harassment, or abusive behavior. At the SoftBank Group, we will maintain a workplace environment in which employees can work while staying healthy in both mind and body, and we will strive to prevent the occurrence of any sexual harassment, bullying, unpaid overtime work, or overwork.

  • We value each other and treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • We do not discriminate in any way based on gender, race, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, veteran status, or marital status.
  • We do not bully or behave in a hostile or intimidating manner.
  • We refuse to engage in or tolerate sexual harassment, including unwelcome sexual advances or comments, requests for sexual favors, or other visual, verbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
  • We build and maintain a fair, healthful, and employee-friendly workplace.
  • The SoftBank Group provides employees with the opportunity to select from a variety of work-style options, and we will strive to improve employees’ work–life balance.

We don’t tolerate behavior from others that violate this standard. When we see abusive conduct, we report it.

Examples of harassment and discrimination:
  • Depiction of harassers as victims or of victims as complainers.
  • Unwelcome remarks, gestures or physical contact.
  • Repeated requests for “dates” or a romantic relationship.
  • Sexual or offensive jokes or comments (explicit or by innuendo).
  • Verbal or physical abuse, threats or taunting.

If you encounter red flags or just don’t know, get help from your supervisor or HR.

What is a hostile work environment?

A work environment with conduct that is intentional, severe, recurring and/or pervasive and interferes with the employee's ability to perform his/her job.

We value diversity and inclusion

The SoftBank Group believes that diversity and inclusion play starring roles in building a thriving and vibrant community. Together we commit to a workplace that is inclusive by default—where everyone is valued as an individual and without bias.

  • We welcome different perspectives and value all perspectives.
  • We promote a diverse and inclusive environment that values and respects each person and promotes individual expression, innovation and achievement.
  • We are a meritocracy where employees are rewarded with opportunities and advancement based on their skills, talents and contributions.
  • We are open to new ideas and we leverage our differences to make the biggest impact.
  • We aim to take advantage of our collective expertise and talents.

We stand up for human rights

We strive to conduct business in a way that respects the human rights of all people. We believe people should be free from arbitrary detention, execution or torture and enjoy the rights of peaceful assembly and association, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and freedom of opinion and expression. This means we keep human rights and fair labor practices in mind when conducting business, and we expect the same of our suppliers and other business partners.

  • We look for any signs of human rights violations such as forced labor, child labor or human trafficking.
  • We will not condone or participate in any way in child labor, forced labor, or slave labor.

We promptly report any abuse of human rights in the workplace, including any abuse by our business partners.

We act in a sustainable manner

The SoftBank Group is committed to introducing innovative solutions that provide a positive environmental and social impact. We lead globally, and we act locally to reduce and improve our impact on the environment. We will conduct our business activities with consideration for the global environment and for the effective utilization of limited natural resources.

  • We take environmental considerations into account in our everyday work; beyond merely managing our waste and emissions.
  • We are committed to doing our part to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and generation of waste.
  • We reduce as much as practical the use of any hazardous substances, chemicals, or other substances capable of having a harmful impact on the environment and we use them with the utmost care.
  • We handle industrial waste with careful consideration for protecting the environment.

How to use the SoftBank Group
Code of Conduct

Our Code is built on the SoftBank Group’s “Commitments” and can be applied using “Action Statements”. These Action Statements provide direction in conducting business ethically. Below these statements are “Key Ideas” that provide specific guidance of how these action statements apply to our work at the SoftBank Group every day.

You will also find “Help” using additional materials such as Red Flags, Caution, Examples, Q&A, Definitions, and the Ethical Decision-making Model and by contacting the Ethics and Compliance Group.


We Commit to
Integrity and Respect

Action Statements

We manage conflicts of interest

Key Ideas

  • We understand and look out for conflicts of interest.
  • We disclose our personal interests that might conflict with our company’s interests by following our policies.
  • We do not take advantage of the SoftBank Group information by acquiring interest in property or other assets that may conflict with the SoftBank Group’s interests.
  • We are aware of our fiduciary obligations to customers and follow them, even when the obligation may conflict with the interests of the SoftBank Group. In those situations, we follow our policies to manage our conflict.


”Red Flags” You should reconsider action or seek additional guidance.

“Caution” Be especially aware in these situations.

“Examples” of items discussed in the section.

”Q&A” of items discussed in the section.

”Definitions” of items discussed in the section.

“Ethical Decisionmaking Model” to help you in making the best ethical decision.