Leading handset manufacturers announces support for the JIL widget specification, allowing support for richer applications

The Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) today announces that handset manufacturers, HTC, Huawei Device, Lenovo and ZTE will support the new JIL 1.2 specification. Future handsets from all of these manufacturers will be capable of running JIL apps.

The support of HTC, Huawei Device, Lenovo and ZTE will offer developers a broader range of devices that support JIL widgets. Customers will benefit from a wide range of useful and innovative mobile applications as well as an enhanced experience with seamlessly integrated apps that can be launched from the home screen of the device.

“The decision from HTC, Huawei Device, Lenovo and ZTE to include the JIL widget runtime in their future devices demonstrates the strength of JIL's efforts to establish an open mobile development environment,” says JIL CEO, Peters Suh. “The decision by HTC, Huawei Device, Lenovo and ZTE to deliver JIL compliant handsets will ensure that customers are in line for an even better experience on their devices.”

JIL has developed a platform for mobile widgets centred on mobile operators' unique capabilities which enable the developer community to create applications for a growing number of handsets as well as give customers access to a range of richer mobile applications and internet services.

JIL was established in 2008 and has drawn support from other handset manufacturers such as LG, RIM, Samsung and Sharp since its inception. With HTC, Huawei Device, Lenovo and ZTE committing to deliver a range of JIL compliant handsets, developers are able to create innovative JIL widget compliant applications that will reach even more customers across the JIL member companies of China Mobile, Softbank, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone. The combination of these leading companies has a customer base of more than 1 billion people across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

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