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Absorption-type Merger of Subsidiary (SBBM Corp.)

SoftBank Group Corp.

SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) announces that on November 27, 2018 its Board of Directors has resolved to merge its wholly owned subsidiary SBBM Corporation (“SBBM”) in an absorption-type of merger (the “Merger”), effective as of January 1, 2019 as follows.

1. Purpose of the Merger

As SBG has been conducting a reorganization of the SoftBank Group companies both in Japan and overseas, the need of SBBM's role as intermediate holding company has diminished. With this, SBG has decided on the Merger to pursue greater efficiency in management of subsidiaries.

2. Summary of the Merger

(1) Timeline

Merger resolution by the Board of DirectorsNovember 27, 2018
Date of the Merger agreementNovember 27, 2018
Date of the Merger (the effective date)January 1, 2019 (planned)
  • *1
    Given the Merger is a short-form merger as provided in the Article 796-2 (as for SBG) and the Article 784-1 (as for SBBM) of the Companies Act, the Merger will be conducted without seeking approval at the General Meeting of Shareholders of each company on the execution of the Merger agreement.

(2) Merger method

Absorption-type merger with SBG being the surviving company. SBBM will be dissolved.

(3) Allotment of shares and other assets upon the Merger

Not applicable

(4) Treatment of stock acquisition rights and bonds with stock acquisition rights of the merged companies

Not applicable

3. Outline of the Companies Subject to the Merger

Surviving CompanyDissolving Company
(1) Trade nameSoftBank Group Corp.SBBM Corp.
(2) Address1-9-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1-9-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(3) Name and title
of representative
Masayoshi Son,
Chairman & CEO
Yoshimitsu Goto,
Representative Director
(4) Nature of businessPure holding company Holding company
(5) Share capitalJPY 238,772 millionJPY 10 million
(6) FoundedSeptember 3, 1981December 12, 1988
(7) Shares outstanding1,100,660,365 shares216,896 shares
(8) Fiscal year-endMarch 31March 31
(9) Principal shareholders
and their shareholding ratio
  • Masayoshi Son: 21.21%
  • The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account): 8.78%
  • Trustee Service Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account): 6.02%
SoftBank Group Corp.: 100%

(10) Latest FY financial position and results of operation

(JPY million)

Fiscal year ended March, 2018
Fiscal year ended March, 2018
Total equity (Net assets) 6,273,022374,506
Total assets31,180,466502,421
Equity per share attributable
to owners of the parent
(Shareholders' equity per share)
Net sales9,158,765-
Operating income (loss)1,303,801(7)
Ordinary income-3,346
Net income attributable to owners
of the parent (Net income)
Basic earnings per share
attributable to owners of the parent
(Net income per share) (Yen)
  • *2
    SBG adopts International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and SBBM adopts JGAAP. Where terminology of the item differs between IFRSs and JGAAP, both are presented, with JGAAP terminology is shown in brackets.
  • *3
    Amount is rounded off to the nearest unit.

4. Situation after the Merger

SBG's trade name, address, name and title of representative, nature of business, share capital and fiscal year-end will remain unchanged after the Merger.

5. Future Outlook

As the Merger involves a merger of SBG's wholly owned subsidiary, the impact of the Merger on SBG's consolidated financial results will be minor.

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