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Updating people's lives and society with IT

The Internet not only makes our lives more convenient, with the power of IT and data, it can change all types of anxieties into hopes for the future. The word “UPDATE” encapsulates this. Yahoo Japan will “update” all of Japan's systems that bind society, including those related to information, finance, transportation, food, clothing, housing, the environment and disaster preparedness.

Basic information

Main Businesses
  • Internet advertising
  • e-commerce business
  • Membership services
Core Companies


Yahoo Japan has the largest user base in the domestic online market and offers a wide variety of services. These include Internet advertising that leverages popular media services such as the Yahoo! JAPAN homepage and Yahoo! News, e-commerce related services such as Yahoo! Auction, Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Travel, membership services such as Yahoo! Premium and Yahoo! BB, and payment-related services such as Yahoo! Wallet and Yahoo! Card. The company continues to grow by creating convenient new services and offering a wealth of high value-added services for companies and individuals.

Media Business

Utilizing the latest advertising technology and big data mined from a diverse range of services, Yahoo Japan is strengthening its response to the diversification of advertiser needs and compatibility with multiples devices. Alongside offering advertisement services such as display advertisements linked to the Yahoo! JAPAN homepage and Yahoo! News, as well as search advertising, going forward the company aims to improve customer experience through media services, and to further increase profitability by improving the functionality of advertising products which utilize accumulated user behavioral data.

Commerce Business

Since 2013, the company has been promoting even greater privileges for Yahoo Premium and certain other members and the ability to open a shop for free on Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Auction. This has resulted in an e-commerce trading volume of over ¥1.8 trillion in FY2017 which continues to grow strongly. Japan's e-commerce market is expected to undergo further expansion, and Yahoo Japan is aiming to capture the No. 1 spot in e-commerce trading volume. Yahoo! Auction also possesses an overwhelming share of the domestic online auction market.

In financial settlement, Yahoo Japan offers services related to credit cards, electronic money, FX, and more. In particular, the credit card-related business is an area where Yahoo Japan expects continued sharp growth, as there are significant synergies with the e-commerce business connected with trading volume. Yahoo Japan will strive to expand business by increasing membership and promoting card usage.

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