Press Releases 2017

Determination of Details of Issuance of Stock Acquisition Rights (Stock Options)

July 28, 2017
SoftBank Group Corp.

SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) announces that on July 28, 2017 it finalized the following details of the stock acquisition rights (the “Stock Acquisition Rights”) to be issued to certain directors, corporate officers, and employees of SBG and its subsidiaries, in accordance with the resolution of its 37th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 21, 2017 and the Board of Directors on July 5, 2017.

1. Persons to be allotted the Stock Acquisition Rights, their number, and number of the Stock Acquisition Rights to be allotted

1 director of SBG: 2,500 units
66 corporate officers and/or employees of SBG: 6,035 units
14 directors of subsidiaries of SBG: 12,020 units
1,088 corporate officers and/or employees of subsidiaries of SBG: 29,465 units

2. Total number of the Stock Acquisition Rights

50,020 units

3. Class and number of shares to be issued or transferred upon exercise of the Stock Acquisition Rights

5,002,000 shares of common stock

4. Amount of assets to be contributed upon exercise of the Stock Acquisition Rights

JPY 958,200 per unit of the Stock Acquisition Rights (JPY 9,582 per share)


For the outline of the issuance of the Stock Acquisition Rights not included above, please refer to “Issuance of Stock Acquisition Rights (Stock Options)” dated July 5, 2017.

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