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SoftBank Group Report 2022


Back in 2010, we unveiled the “SoftBank’s Next 30-Year Vision” to further clarify our unwavering commitment to our founding philosophy, expressed in the Philosophy, Information Revolution—Happiness for everyone. More recently, we started describing ourselves as a Vision Capitalist for the Information Revolution to underscore our role as a strategic investment holding company.

The SoftBank Group Report is the latest in this series of efforts. The new format presents our corporate story, showing how our strategy and business model will deliver our core philosophy and vision, how we will build value, and how we will enable 300 years of sustained growth.

Management Message

Table of Contents

SoftBank Group Report 2022

  • Download PDF Who We Are(8.86MB/12 pages)
    • P.02
      Introducing the SoftBank Group Report
    • P.04
      Our Unchanging Kokorozashi (Mission),
      Ever-Changing Areas of Investment
      Information Revolution—Happiness for Everyone
    • P.06
      Our Vision for a Better World
    • P.08
      A Business Model with Three Inputs
    • P.10
      Our Kokorozashi (Mission) Is Consistent
      Our Investment Areas Continue to Evolve
    • P.12
      SoftBank’s Next 30-Year Vision: A Story of Value Creation
  • Download PDF Message from Our CEO(927KB/4 pages)
  • Download PDF Growth Assets(1.71MB/14 pages)
    • P.18
      NAV (Net Asset Value) & LTV (Loan to Value)
    • P.20
      The SBG Investment Portfolio
    • P.22
      SoftBank Vision Funds: Investment Strategy
    • P.24
      SoftBank Vision Funds: In Focus
    • P.30
      Arm: Business Strategy
  • Download PDF Management: The Foundation Supporting Our Growth(2.60MB/42 pages)
    • P.32
      Message from Our CFO
    • P.36
      Sustainability: Our Basic Approach
    • P.40
      Sustainability: Environment
    • P.44
      Sustainability: Social
    • P.48
      Sustainability: Governance
    • P.58
      Message from Lip-Bu Tan
    • P.60
    • P.62
      Message from Our Group Compliance Officer (GCO)
    • P.64
      Risk Management
    • P.65
      Message from Our Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
    • P.66
      Risk Factors
    • P.73
      Calculation of Equity Value of Holdings and Net Debt
  • Download PDF Financial Section(713KB/48 pages)
    • P.75
      Graphs: Key Consolidated Financial Data
    • P.76
      Eleven-Year Key Consolidated Financial Data
    • P.78
      NAV & LTV
    • P.79
      Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Results of Operations,
      Financial Position, and Cash Flows
  • Download PDF Corporate Information(843KB/5 pages)
    • P.122
      Major Subsidiaries and Associates
    • P.125
      Stock Information
    • P.126
      Corporate Data
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    “SoftBank Group Report 2022” is available on July 27, 2022.
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    Names of companies, products and services that appear in this Annual Report are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. “Co., Ltd.,” “Ltd.,” “Corporation” and “Inc.” have been omitted from company names except in certain circumstances.
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    Company names and abbreviations used in this Annual Report, unless otherwise stated or interpreted differently in the context, are as follows.
    • SoftBank Group Corp. or SBG: SoftBank Group Corp. (stand-alone basis)
    • The Company: SoftBank Group Corp. and its subsidiaries
    • The Group: SoftBank Group Corp. and its subsidiaries and associates
    • SoftBank Vision Fund 1 or SVF1: SoftBank Vision Fund L.P. and its alternative investment vehicles
    • SoftBank Vision Fund 2 or SVF2: SoftBank Vision Fund II-2 L.P. and its alternative investment vehicles
    • SoftBank Vision Funds or SVFs:A collective term for SoftBank Vision Fund 1 and 2
    • SBIA: SB Investment Advisers (UK) Limited
    • SBIA US: SB Investment Advisers (US) Inc.
    • SBGA: SB Global Advisers Limited
    • SoftBank Latin America Funds or LatAm Funds*1: SBLA Latin America Fund LLC
    • SB Northstar: SB Northstar LP
    • SoftBank: SoftBank Corp.
    • Sprint: Sprint Corporation
    • Alibaba: Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    • Arm: Arm Limited
    • T-Mobile: T-Mobile US, Inc.
  • *1
    Includes SoftBank Latin America Fund 1 or SBLAF1 (SBLA Holdings (Cayman) L.P. and SBLA Latin America Fund (Cayman) L.P.), and SoftBank Latin America Fund 2 or SBLAF2 (SBLA Holdings II DE LLC and SLA Holdco I LLC).